Wednesday, 21st February, 2018 1.00 pm

Venue: Civic Hall, Leeds

Contact: Kevin Tomkinson, Governance Services Unit 

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No. Item


Minutes of the last Meeting pdf icon PDF 151 KB

To approve the minutes of the Council Meeting held on 10th January 2018.

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Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of interest from Members


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To receive such communications as the Lord Mayor, the Leader,  Members of the Executive Board or the Chief Executive consider appropriate.

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Recommendations of the Executive Board - Best Council Plan 2018-2019 Proposals pdf icon PDF 3 MB

To consider the report of the Director of Resources and Housing presenting the Best Council Plan 2018/19 to 2020/21 for Council’s consideration and approval following the Executive Board’s recommendation on 7th February 2018, the Plan provides the strategic framework for the authority’s 2018/19 Revenue Budget and Council Tax proposals.






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Report on Attendance pdf icon PDF 130 KB

To consider the report of the City Solicitor in respect of attendance at meetings.

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Amendments to Executive Arrangements pdf icon PDF 93 KB

To note the report of the City Solicitor presenting to Council an amendment to the Leader’s executive arrangements for the 2017/18 Municipal year.


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Budget Item pdf icon PDF 130 KB

i)  Revenue Budget


a) To agree that the revenue budget for 2018/19 totalling £510.9m be approved. This means that the Leeds element of the council tax for 2018/19 will increase by 2.99% plus the Adult Social Care precept of 2%. This excludes the police and fire precepts which will be incorporated into the report to be submitted to Council on the 21st February 2018.


b)  To agree grants totalling £70k be allocated to parishes.


c)  To approve the strategy at Appendix 9 in respect of the flexible use of capital receipts.


d)  To agree with respect to the Housing Revenue Account that the following be approved:


i)  a reduction of 1% in dwelling rents in non-Private Finance Initiative areas.

ii)  an increase of 3% in dwelling rents in PFI areas.

iii)  an increase of 3.9% in district heating charges.

iv)  that service charges for multi-story flats are increased by £2 per week.

v)  that service charges for low/medium rise properties are increased by 3.9%.

vi)  that the charge for tenants who benefit from the sheltered support service currently paying £4 a week be increased to £6 per week.

vii)That any overall increase to tenants in respect of rents, service and sheltered support charges will be no more than £5 per week.


ii)  Council Tax


  1  That it be noted that at the meeting on 10th January 2018, Council agreed the following amounts for the year 2018/19, in accordance with regulations made under Sections 31B(3) and 34(4) of the Local Government Finance Act 1992:-


a)  225,055.2 being the amount calculated by the Council, in accordance with Regulation 3 of the Local Authorities (Calculation of Council Tax Base) Regulations 1992 (as amended) as its council tax base for the year.











b)  Table 4: Taxbase Numbers 2018/19



being the amounts calculated by the Council in accordance with Regulation 6 of the Regulations, as the amounts of its Council Tax base for the year for dwellings in those parts of its area to which one or more special items relate.

2  That the following amounts be now calculated by the Council for the year 2018/19 in accordance with Sections 31A to 36 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992:-


a) £2,143,997,734  being the aggregate of the amounts which the Council estimates for the items set out in Section 31A(2)(a) to (f) of the Act.


b) £1,840,528,831  being the aggregate of the amounts which the Council estimates for the items set out in Section 31A(3)(a) to (d) of the Act.


c) £303,468,903  being the amount by which the aggregate at 2(a) above exceeds the aggregate at 2(b) above, calculated by the Council, in accordance with Section 31A(4) of the Act, as its council tax requirement for the year.


d) £1,348.419868  being the amount at 2(c) above, divided by the amount at 1(a) above, calculated by the Council, in accordance with Section 31B(1) of the Act, as the basic amount of its council tax for the year.


e)  £1,919,686.00  being the aggregate  ...  view the full agenda text for item 7.

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Minutes of the Executive Board pdf icon PDF 82 KB

To receive the minutes in accordance with Council Procedure Rule 2.2(i).

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