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Committee details

Committee details

South (Inner) Area Committee

Purpose of committee

South (Inner) Area Committee


All Area Committee meetings are open to the public, except where certain parts of an agenda contain confidential or exempt information.  In these circumstances the Committee may choose to treat that part of the meeting as a ‘private meeting’ by excluding the public.  The Committee may also exclude a member of the public in order to maintain orderly conduct or prevent misbehaviour at a meeting.


Five clear days before each meeting details of the agenda items to be considered and the associated reports will be published on this website.  If any of these items contain confidential or exempt information this will be made clear in the agenda, and the reasons for the restriction will be explained.  If any representations have been received about why the meeting should be open to the public, these will be detailed in the covering report for that item of business, along with the response to any such representations.


Leeds City Council has 10 Area Committees which serve the inner and outer areas in the North West, North East, East, South and West of the city. Each Area Committee is made up of local Councillors who are elected to serve the Wards which fall within the boundaries of each respective Committee.


The South (Inner) Area Committee covers the following Wards:

·  Beeston & Holbeck;

·  City & Hunslet;

·  Middleton Park.


The role of an Area Committees is to:

·  improve, co-ordinate and influence services at a local level;

·  act as a focal point for community involvement;

·  take locally based decisions that deal with local issues;

·  provide for accountability at a local level;

·  help Elected Members to listen to and represent their communities;

·  help Elected Members to understand the specific needs of the community in their area;

·  promote community engagement in the democratic process;

·  promote working relationships with Parish and Town Councils; and

·  promote the wellbeing of their area.


You can find out what is being discussed and agreed by your local Area Committee, together with when and where they meet, by looking at the agendas, minutes and reports, which can be found under the ‘Council, Committees and Boards’ section of the website. 


There are opportunities for members of the local community to raise matters at their Area Committee, either via the ‘Open Forum’ section, or via a ‘deputation’. For further information on this process, or for any other general enquiries regarding your Area Committee, please contact the following:


East North East Area Leader:  Rory Barke:  Tel 0113 336 7627.


South East Area Leader:  Shaid Mahmood:  Tel 0113 224 3973.


West North West Area Leader: Jane Maxwell:  Tel 0113 336 7858.



Contact information

Support officer: Phil Garnett (0113) 39 51632. Email: