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Forthcoming Key Decisions

Forthcoming Key Decisions

This page lists the key decisions due to be taken within Leeds City Council over the next few months. Details of each key decision will be published below at least 28 clear days before the decision is due to be taken

What is a 'Key Decision'?

A key decision is an executive decision which is likely to:

  • result in the Authority incurring expenditure or making savings over £250,000 per annum, or
  • have a significant effect on communites living or working in an area comprising one or more wards.
  • Article 13 of the Council's Constitution provides more details about which decisions will be treated as key decisions.

    How to get more information about a particular key decision

    The agenda papers for Executive Board meetings, and the documents being considered by officers taking key decisions, are available five working days before the decision will be made through the Council's website.

    The contact details of a lead officer are provided for each key decision listed below. Please contact the lead officer directly if you wish to obtain copies or extracts of any other listed documents, or if you wish to receive details of further documents as they become available. Sometimes the papers you request may contain exempt of confidential information. If this is the case, the lead officer will explain why it will not be possible to make copies available.

    Forthcoming Key Decisions
    Title Ref Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
    Write off of uncollectable debts for local taxation24/04/2015For DeterminationNot before 01/06/2015
    Write off of uncollectable debts other than local taxation24/04/2015For DeterminationNot before 01/06/2015
    Acceptance of grant for resettlement programmes24/04/2015For DeterminationNot before 25/05/2015
    YORE-9D9QTV: White Rose Children's 16+ Accommodation and Support for Care Leavers and Vulnerable Young People Regional Framework Refresh20/04/2015For Determination07/2015
    To approve the Procurement Exercise to put in place a Leeds City Council cleaning materials, equipment and chemicals framework contract.14/04/2015For Determination13/05/2015
    Skills Funding Agency (SFA) contract to fund Leeds City Council community learning in academic year 2015/1614/04/2015For DeterminationNot before 01/06/2015
    Leeds City Council Community Learning Framework Provider call-off contracts for academic year 2015/1614/04/2015For DeterminationNot before 01/06/2015