Agenda and minutes

North West (Inner) Area Committee - Monday, 7th August, 2006 5.00 pm

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Chair's Opening Remarks


The Chair thanked everyone for attending this Special Meeting of the North West (Inner) Area Committee which was being held to allow sufficient time to consider the Well-Being Budget report which was not possible at the last meeting held on 29th June 2006.  He then went on to thank those members of the public present for coming down to the Civic Hall for this meeting rather than a more convenient local venue.


The Chair also welcomed the recently elected Member for Weetwood Ward, Councillor Judith Chapman to her first North West Inner Area Committee meeting. 



Late Items

To identify items which have been admitted to the agenda by the Chair for consideration


(The special circumstances shall be specified in the minutes)



In accordance with his powers under Section 100B(4)(b) of the Local Government Act 2972, the Chair consented to the submission of a late item of business relating to the North West (Inner) Well-Being Budget Report 2006/2007 (Agenda Item 6, Minute No. 28 refers).


The report was late in being submitted due to the late arrival of additional information, as well as the complex nature of the content of the report and the compressed timetable as a result of the calling of the Special Meeting. 



Declarations of Interest

To declare any personal/prejudicial interests for the purpose of Section 81(3) of the Local Government Act 2000 and paragraphs 8 to 13 of the Members Code of Conduct



Councillor J Illingworth declared a personal and prejudicial interest and left the meeting due to his capacity as a Director and Company Secretary of Kirkstall Valley Park, a not-for-profit limited company which was also a registered charity.  Two applications were being considered for Kirkstall Valley Park  (Minute 28 refers).





Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received on behalf of Councillor Morton and Dr Richard Tyler, Leeds HMO Lobby.



North West Inner Well-being Budget Report pdf icon PDF 45 KB

To consider a report of the Director of Neighbourhoods and Housing on the North West Inner Well-being Budget.



Additional documents:


Referring to Minute 16 of the meeting held on 29th June 2006, the Director of Neighbourhoods and Housing submitted a report on the Well-being Budget 2006/2007 for the North West (Inner) Area.


Appended to the report were copies of the following documents for the information/comment of the meeting:-


(a)  Breakdown of Capital Spend 2004/07 to date by theme/by ward   (Appendix 1 refers).

(b)  Breakdown of Revenue Spend 2004/2007 by theme/by ward (Appendix   2 refers).

(c)  Inner North West Well-being Revenue Budget 2006/2007 – Projects   Awaiting Construction (Appendix 3 refers).

(d)  Inner North West Well-being Budget Capital Programme 2004/2007 –   Projects Awaiting Consideration (Appendix 4 refers).

(e)  Inner North West Area Delivery Plan (Appendix 5 refers).

(f)  Revenue Criteria Matrix (Appendix 6 refers).

(g)  Capital Criteria Matrix (Appendix 7 refers).

(h)  North West (Inner) Area Committee – Well-being Fund – Small Grant Applications – West Yorkshire Police – Smart Water Schools Project   (Appendix 8 refers).


Dayle Lynch and Jason Singh, North West Area Management presented the report and responded to Members’ questions and comments.


Detailed discussions ensued on the contents of the report and appendices.



(a)  That the contents of the report and appendices be noted.

(b)  That approval be given to the Revenue/Capital Criteria Matrix as   outlined in Appendix 6 and Appendix 7 of the report.

(c)  That approval be given to retaining a contingency fund of £10,000

(d)  That the Revenue projects as outlined in Appendix 3 of the report be   dealt with as follows:-


Project  Delivery Organisation  Decision  Decision

  2006/07  2007/08

Additional Policing  West Yorkshire Police  Deferred for further  

- Graffiti operations  information


Senior Neighbourhood  West Yorkshire Police  Agreed

Warden  £1,550


Allotment Assistance  Area Management/  Refused 

Fund  Allotment Association/ 

  Parks & Countryside


Kirkstall Valley Park  Kirkstall Valley Park Agreed 

Feasibility Study  Board  £5,000


Headingley Primary  Area Management  Refused 

School external 



North West Leeds  Leeds Involvement   Refused 

Locality Network  Project (LIP) 


Older People’s Action  Community Inclusion Agreed £2,000

In the Locality  Initiative  (for 3 years).


Extension of salary  Space @ Little London  Agreed 

for Space @ Little   £6,800

London Project Manager


(e)  That the Capital projects as outlined in Appendix 4 of the report be   dealt   with as follows:-


Project  Delivery Organisation  Decision

Burglary Reduction – Alley   Leeds Community Safety  Agreed

Gating fund  £5,000


Education facility for Children   Learning & Leisure/Sure Start  Agreed

– Burley Early Years Centre  £30,000


Improvements to Grass Verges   Highways/Parks & Countryside  Agreed

and Footpath and highway   £20,000



Headingley Environmental  Agreed

Improvements  £50,000


Little Woodhouse Play Area  Parks & Countryside  Deferred

  for 07/08



Al-Haqq Supplementary School  Al-Haqq Supplementary  Deferred

  School  for 07/08



Beckett Park Play Area  LCC Parks & Countryside  Deferred     for 07/08



Little London Multi Use Games  LCC Leisure Services  Agreed

Area (MUGA)  £10,000


Woodhouse Ridge Action  Woodhouse Ridge Action  Refused

Group – Woodhouse Ridge Group 



Kirkstall Valley Park  Deferred for

  07/08     decision


Silk Mills Play Area  LCC Parks & Countryside  Agreed



(f)  That the ideas put forward by the North West Area Manager in relation  ...  view the full minutes text for item 28.


Date and Time of Next Meeting

Thursday 21st September 2006 at 7.00pm (venue to be confirmed)


Thursday, 21st September 2006 at 7.00 p.m. (Woodsley Road Community Centre).




(The meeting concluded at approximately 6.45 p.m.)