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Corporate Governance and Audit Committee

This page lists the meetings for Corporate Governance and Audit Committee.


Information about Corporate Governance and Audit Committee

The Corporate Governance & Audit Committee:

·  approves the council’s arrangements relating to accounts and audit; 

·  considers the council’s arrangements relating to external and internal audit requirements;

·  reviews the adequacy of policies and practices to ensure compliance with statutory and other guidance;

·  reviews the adequacy of the council's corporate governance arrangements.

Security Notice

As the result of a security review regarding Full Council and Committee meetings, there will be an increased security presence at Leeds Civic Hall.


As a condition of entry to Full Council and Committee meetings in Civic Hall, bag searches and the use of metal detector wands will be taking place. We may also ask visitors to the meeting to remove coats and jackets for searching.


We will also require any banners and signs to be left outside of the viewing gallery / meeting room – there will be a designated place to store these by reception.

Thank you for your understanding.