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Scrutiny Board (Health)

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Information about Scrutiny Board (Health)

Scrutiny Board (Health)


The Health Scrutiny Board carries out the Council’s statutory role to scrutinise local National Health Service (NHS) bodies.  The  Health and Social Care Act (2001) requires the Council to scrutinise health services and to review the planning, provision and operation of these services.


The Health Scrutiny Board does not seek to manage the performance of the NHS in Leeds, or to duplicate arrangements for advocacy on behalf of patients / service users, but rather to consider health issues from the point of view of the local community.


To view the Terms of Reference for the Board, please click here.


The Chair of this Board is:


Councillor M Dobson


Please contact the Board’s Principal Scrutiny Adviser for further information:


Steven Courtney

Tel: (0113) 24 74707