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Application for the grant of a premises licence for Woodside Micro Pub 258 Low Lane, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 5DN

To consider the report of the Chief Officer Elections and Regulatory which sets out an application for the grant of a premises licence for Woodside Micro Pub 258 Low Lane, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 5DN.


(Report attached)



The report of the Chief Officer Elections and Regulatory presented an application for the grant of a new premises licence made by Mr Thomas Edmund David Crawford, for Woodside Micro Pub, 258 Low Lane, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 5DN, and proposes to trade as a micro pub for the consumption of alcohol on and off the premises.


Members were advised that these premises currently benefit from a premises licence trading as Pinna Self Service Convenience Store, with sole provision of sale by retail of alcohol for consumption off the premises, Monday to Saturday 08:00 until 23:00 and Sunday 10:00 until 22:30


This application was for sale by retail of alcohol and performance of recorded music:

  Monday to Friday 15:00 until 23:00

  Saturday and Sunday 13:00 until 23:00


A redacted version of the application was attached at Appendix A of the submitted report.


It was noted that representations had been received from West Yorkshire Police in their capacity as a responsible authority. However, Members were advised that agreements had now been reached with West Yorkshire Police and as such that representation had been withdrawn. The conditions had been incorporated within the operating schedule.


The licensing authority was also in receipt of two individual letters of objection, both of which opposed this application on the grounds of public nuisance.


Mr Crawford was present at the hearing. He said that he appreciated the concerns raised by the objectors and hoped that he would be able to alleviate their fears and address some of the points raised. Mr Crawford informed the Members of the following points:

·  He would be happy to withdraw the application for recorded music as this was something that he could manage without and was of the opinion that the ambience of people talking would be enough;

·  He was willing to slightly reduce closing times if needed;

·  The issue of parking would be no different from when the premises operated as a convenience store. In fact there would probably be fewer cars as people would not drink and drive. He said that people may drive to collect drinks to take home:

·  The premises is situated between two bus stops and people would be able to use public transport to get to the premises;

·  The blue premises application notice had been located on the front door of the shop and was visible as the landlady who lives above the premises opened the shutters every morning, closing them only late at night. The announcement had appeared in the newspaper for the required number of days;

·  A cigarette bin would be positioned at the front of the premises;

·  The rear exit of the premises is for emergency exit only and would not be used by smokers;

·  The application is for drinking only inside the premises and for off sales;

·  The premises was previously a convenience store and sold alcohol;

·  The premises is located on a main road and the previous owner and the applicant had not seen children playing in the street;

·  The premises will operate Challenge 25 and have CCTV;


Mr Crawford informed the Licensing Sub Committee that his aim was to run a small friendly pub for customers to drink beer in an ambient setting. He said that the premises would be selling beer, larger, cider and wine from USA, Europe, East Asia and the UK. He would not be selling spirits or cocktails. The pub would sell a selection of bar snacks but no hot food.


There would be books and board games available but no music, TV or gambling machines.


The pub would be furnished in an oriental style and it is the intention that there will be a language corner with events to learn Japanese and Mandarin on a regular basis.


A toilet and urinal have been installed for the use of customers.


Responding to questions from Members Mr Crawford informed them of the following:

·  This would be the first pub that he had owned;

·  The premises was located at the end of a row of terrace houses;

·  He had spoken to the owners of the house adjoining and they had no concerns;

·  The landlady would be living in the flat above the premises and owned the whole building, he would be her tenant;

·  The premises had been in disrepair and had been shut since 1st July 2019, new flooring had been installed.


Members were of the opinion that recorded music for ambience would not be an issue.


Members suggested that as the premises were being refurbished it might be an idea to add extra sound insulation between the two adjoining properties prior to re-plastering.


RESOLVED – To grant the application as applied for.







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