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The report of the Chief Planning Officer set out an application for a two storey extension to the rear at 9 The Laurels, Gledhow, Leeds, LS8 1PD.


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The report of the Chief Planning Officer set out an application for a two storey extension to the rear at 9 The Laurels, Gledhow, Leeds, LS8 1PD.


The application had been brought to the Plans Panel for consideration by Cllr. Wenham, Ward Member for Roundhay. Her reasons were the overbearing nature of the extension being out of character for the street, loss of privacy for occupiers of adjacent properties, parking, and loss of light for adjacent properties.


Members had visited the site earlier in the day. Photographs and plans were shown throughout the presentation.


The proposal was for a two storey extension to the rear of the property, to allow for a dining room on the ground floor and enlarging a bedroom on the first floor. The extension proposes a pitched roof with a maximum height of 6.40 metres. The single storey element of the proposal would have a lean to roof with a maximum height of 2.80 metres.


Bi-folding doors are proposed to the rear elevation from the dining room, with two small windows to the first floor serving the bedrooms. It is also proposed that the existing kitchen door is replaced with a window. It is proposed that all materials will match the existing house.


The property is located within a cul-de-sac of about 12 dwellings built in the 1980’s. The dwellings in the area are of a similar style and design. It was noted that numerous properties benefitted from a single storey rear extension.


A number of objections had been received and the details were set out at point 6.0 of the submitted report.


Members were advised of the following key points:

·  An earlier proposal had been higher however, subsequent negotiations had now seen the extension reduced in height;

·  The ground floor element is proposed to be slightly wider than the first floor part of the extension;

·  The two windows to the first floor will serve a bedroom;

·  Neighbours at number 11 have extended their property with a single storey extension to the rear, The neighbours of number 11 have requested that attention be drawn to the fact that the applicant would be able to look through the roof windows into their dining room;

·  Graphics were shown to provide clarity for Members on the issue of overshadowing explaining the direction of travel of the sun through summer and winter months;

·  Officers were of the view that the proposed extension would not have an impact on neighbours in relation to overshadowing, over massing and bulk, or privacy;

·  Members were advised that the applicant was on holiday but had sent in a submission which was read out to the Panel with these key points noted:

o  No windows directly overlooking neighbours properties;

o  He has a growing family;

o  This proposal would not increase parking in the area;

o  All materials would be in keeping with the property and the area;

o  He had taken the initiative to engage with his neighbours and he was upset that his neighbours wished to stop his application.


The neighbours at number 11 had raised queries in relation to the measurements set out in the submitted report at points 2.2, 10.8, and 10.9. The presenting officer addressed these queries during his presentation to the Panel.


The residents of numbers 7 and 11 The Laurels attended the Panel and informed the Members of their concerns:

·  This is a cul-de-sac of 12 houses none of which have a two storey extension;

·  The applicant had informed neighbours that the extension was to enable his in-laws to move in. The in-laws would have a car of their own therefore, there would be an increase in parking. The applicant already parks his car on the pavement in the turning head of the cul-de-sac;

·  The two storey extension would impact on the use of the garden at number 7 due to overshadowing;

·  The two storey extension would impact on the use of the garden at number 11 due to loss of privacy;

·  The applicant had told neighbours earlier in the year that the extension was for a kitchen and dining room.


Responding to Members question the Panel were provided with the following information:

·  There has always been a conservatory at number 11 since the current residents had lived at the property;

·  The neighbours were particularly concerned with the overshadowing aspect of the build with specific reference to no 7 who were of the view that they would have to use their lights if they were in their extension as there was only one window which over looked the back garden;

·  There are already parking issues in the cul-de-sac;

·  Residents of The Laurels were only made aware that the two storey extension was proposed by receipt of the Council Application letter dated 8 July.


It was noted the previously obscure glazed window to the rear of the applicant’s property would now be serving a bedroom and this could be a reason as to why it was perceived that there would be an issue with overlooking. It was also noted that due to the design of the properties on the Laurels there was an off-setting of the properties.


Members were advised of planning policy in relation to parking spaces and it was noted that the property was compliant with sufficient parking for 2 cars as the dwelling would still be a 3 bed property.


RESOLVED –To grant planning permission in accordance with the officer recommendation.



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