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Application 18/06076/RM - Woodside Quarry, Clayton Wood Road, West Park, Leeds

To receive and consider the attached report of the Chief Planning Officer regarding a reserved matters application for 355 residential units with associated landscaping and works





The report of the Chief Planning Officer presented a reserved matters application for 347 residential units with associated landscaping and works and discharge of conditions 3, 32 and 34 attached to outline consent 14/06918/OT at Woodside Quarry, Clayton Wood Road, West Park, Leeds.


Members visited the site prior to the meeting and site plans and photographs were displayed and referred to throughout the discussion of the application.


Further issues highlighted in relation to the application included the following:


·  The application as referred to Panel at the request of the Chair due to the strategic significance of the site.

·  Outline planning permission had been granted in October 2016 following a resolution from City Plans Panel in 2015 to establish the principle of development and access,

·  This reserved application was for associated landscaping and works and the discharge of conditions.

·  Proposed and existing access requirements.

·  There would be a mix of detached, semi-detached houses and blocks of four houses.

·  Affordable housing would be sited in 4 locations across the site.

·  Issues due to changing levels across the site.

·  Landscaping – there would be extensive green spaces with existing woodland surrounding.  There would be a children’s play area and a 10 metre ecological buffer along the western boundary.

·  There would be new tree planting with 7 trees planted for every tree lost.

·  Garden sizes – only 87% of gardens would meet guideline sizes but this was considered to be acceptable with regard to other on site communal green provision.  Those that did not meet guidelines did not fall significantly short.

·  Public rights of way across the site - there would be segregated cycle lanes and pathways across the site.

·  Final details of housing materials would be agreed by condition.

·  House types – there would be a mix of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses.  Ward Councillors had been consulted regarding house types.

·  Phasing plan – remediation works and Section 278 works would commence in Spring/Summer 2020 should the application be approved.

·  Ward Councillors were generally supportive of the proposals.  There was some concern with the increase in traffic but the rail halt could bring some solution for this.

·  There was significant strategic importance to delivering housing on this site.  It was the largest brownfield site in the area and failure to develop would put the 5 year housing supply position at risk.

·  The applicant has sought to address measures including electric vehicle charging points, climate change measures and the housing mix.

·  The application was recommended for approval.


In response to Members’ comments and questions, the following was discussed:


·  It was a very difficult and expensive site to develop and work had been ongoing for several years to reach this stage.

·  44 properties had gardens that did not meet guideline sizes.  Only one of these would be from the affordable housing units.

·  The Hopper bus service had been agreed in the outline consent.  Detail in terms of bus stop provision was still to be agreed.  There was funding for 3 bus stops within the site.

·  There was no plan for hard surfacing of the area at the rail halt but eventually would be multi storey parking at the rail halt. 

·  Members broadly welcomed the scheme and the development of a brownfield site.


RESOLVED – That the application be approved in accordance with the officer recommendation and conditions outlined in the report and approval to discharge conditions 3, 32 and 34 attached to outline consent 14/06918/OT.



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