Agenda item

Scoping discussion


JG informed the board members that as a result of further conversation between JG and Yvonne Davies, there had been some changes to the scoping documents which need to be agreed. JG explained that the changes had been made to ensure the scope does not unintentionally restrict the direction of the review.


JG clarified that an addition to the review now includes provision to explore the Tenant Engagement carried out by other authorities outside of Leeds, hence the topics covered will now be:


1.  Wider tenant feedback and insight

2.  How the service involves tenants and residents

3.  Housing Advisory Panels

4.  Strategic tenant influence


A further amendment had been made to ensure consideration was given to including input from Councillors as they are involved in the HAP meetings. It had also been suggested that draft recommendations be documented as each stage is finished rather than at the conclusion of the review as in previous investigations. Panel members agreed that these considerations will help to maximise the input from Councillors and tenants, and increase the effectiveness of the recommendations as they will be fresher in the minds of board members. JG further suggested that board members could also work on the various areas of the review in working groups which will allow for more focused work, and also for more ground to be covered at once.


JG informed members that he will be having more meetings with Yvonne Davies and Ian Montgomery in the coming days which should ensure the scoping document can be signed off by all sides. KM is currently working on putting the documentation previously requested by JG together, but JG reminded the board members that due to KM’s proximity to the Tenant Engagement Team then there will be more work with Yvonne Davies in terms of compiling and writing the report, as managers take a step back to allow the board to conduct the review as they will.


JG informed board members he also has an upcoming meeting with Councillor Coupar to update her about the progress of the board so far. JG also notified members that he will be attending a meeting of the Environment and Housing Scrutiny Board in the coming months to provide a similar update.


JG asked KM when the board may be able to meet in the Civic Hall again, KM explained that most staff are still currently working from home, with increasing numbers of staff including Tenant Engagement Officers now able to carry out some community work as they have adequate risk assessments in place. Due to the need for risk assessments and the fact that buildings are not yet fully open to staff, it is not possible to hold meetings in the Civic Hall and may not be for some time still. 


JG told the board members that the next meeting will be attended by Yvonne Davies who will talk with the board about the engagement work of other local authorities. JG confirmed that he will be able to send a paper copy of the scoping documents to any members that had not received an email version.