Issue - decisions

EV-Elocity Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

15/10/2019 - EV-Elocity Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

The Director of Resources & Housing:
• Approved the injection of £197,825, into the Capital Programme, funded by approved Innovate funding awards.
• Authorised expenditure of up to £197,825 to be funded via the Innovate funding award to cover the cost of the work streams as itemised above.
• Approved the appointment if a full-time officer to lead on the delivery of the project for a period of 12 months from 2019/20.
• Noted that a further bid to the value of £453,000 has been submitted to Innovate UK as part of a consortium application to trial wireless charging technology and that a further report will be submitted to request an appropriate capital injection in the event of this bid being successfully awarded.