Issue - decisions

Boston Spa Traffic Regulation Order and Build-outs

08/11/2019 - Boston Spa Traffic Regulation Order and Build-outs

The Chief Officer (Highways & Transportation)
i) noted the contents of the report;
ii) approved the detailed design and introduction of a package of waiting restrictions in Boston Spa and the surrounding area as outlined in section 3.1 and shown on Drawing Nos TM-33-145-CON-(02 to 10) excluding drawing TM-33-145-CON-08;
iii) gave authority to incur expenditure of up to £6500 made up of £3500 works costs, £1000 legal fees and £2000 staff fees, fully funded from the Churchfields Section 106 contribution; and
iv) requested the City Solicitor to advertise a draft Traffic Regulation Order to implement the measures in item 3.1 and, if no valid objections are received, to make, seal and implement the order as advertised.