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Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery Phase 2

03/06/2021 - Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery Phase 2

The Director of Resources:

a)  Approved Leeds City Council entering into a grant agreement with Tees Valley Combined Authority to draw down and spend the £5,346,100 Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery funding on energy efficiency improvements to housing in the Leeds area.

b)  Authorised total expenditure of £7,875,350 split between:

a.  Energy efficiency improvements to 414 private sector homes (£2,741,250) within our Energy Efficiency Programme in the general fund

b.  Energy efficiency improvements to homes to 300 homes in the social rented sector (£3,758,500)

c.  Energy efficiency improvements to 66 homes in the private rented sector (£600,750)

d.  Administrative and staffing marketing costs within the Sustainable Energy and Air Quality Team budget (£742,600).

e.  Future bid development measures (£32,250)

c)  Approved placing an order with Engie through the existing Better Homes Yorkshire framework for the private sector works and for Housing Leeds to carry out a procurement exercise to appoint contractors for works to LCC homes.

d)  Waived the call-in period for this decision.