Details of officer decisions relating to planning applications.

Title Ref Date Effective from Call-ins
Decision to Invoke Absence Provisions of City Solicitor Sub-Delegation Scheme ref: 47792D4779220/07/201820/07/2018Not for call-in
Royds Lane, Rothwell - Road Safety Measures ref: 47791D4779120/07/201820/07/2018Not for call-in
South Bank Leeds Regeneration Framework Supplementary Planning Document ref: 47790D4779020/07/201820/07/2018Not for call-in
Authority to waive Contract Procedure Rules 8.1 and 8.2 to award an interim call off contract for 1:1 tuition for children with special educational needs and disabilities from the Provision of Temporary Teachers Framework ref: 47789D4778919/07/201819/07/2018Not for call-in
Post-16 Transport Policy Phasing Implementation ref: 47787D4778718/07/201818/07/2018Not for call-in
Waiver for the purchase of MetroSTOR bin enclosures. ref: 47786D4778618/07/201818/07/2018Not for call-in
Waive contract procedure rules for the Painting, Cleaning and Marking of various Tennis Courts and Multi Use Games Areas in Operational Area West. ref: 47785D4778518/07/201818/07/2018Not for call-in
Community Hubs Phase 3 Year 1. Delivery of the Community Hubs ICT works – a mobile internet system for the new mobile Community Hubs (including Holbeck) and a scanning solution pilot at the City Centre Hub ref: 47783D4778317/07/201817/07/2018Not for call-in
Report to seek approval to waive contract procedure rule 8.1 & 8.2 entering into a contract for an Enterprise Agreement for Entrust SSL Certificate Renewal. ref: 47782D4778217/07/201817/07/2018Not for call-in
Design & Cost Report and Tender Acceptance for the Learning Places 2018 Bulge Cohort - Allerton C of E Primary School ref: 47781D4778125/07/2018For consultation
Write Off of Former Tenants Rent Arrears ref: 47780D4778016/07/201816/07/2018Not for call-in
Development of Temple Newsam HLF bid ref: 47779D4777916/07/201816/07/2018Not for call-in
Request to waive the Contract Procedure Rules 8.1 requirement for competition and 8.2 invitation of three tenders for coaching contract with the HR service. ref: 47778D4777813/07/201813/07/2018Not for call-in
Street Café Licence in Leeds City Centre - Dakota Hotels - 8 Russell Street, Leeds, LS1 5NR ref: 47776D4777613/07/201813/07/2018Not for call-in
Request to waive contract procedure rules 9.1 and 9.2 in respect of the recruitment of a specialist project officer to oversee planned flood defence and habitat enhancement works across the Wykebeck Valley river catchment. ref: 47775D4777513/07/201813/07/2018Not for call-in
2018/19 Department for Transport Pothole Action Fund ref: 47777D4777723/07/2018For consultation
Whitehall Road / Northern Street Junction Improvement ref: 47774D4777412/07/201812/07/2018Not for call-in
Parking Price Review ref: 47773D4777312/07/201812/07/2018Not for call-in
Authority to award the analysis and reconciliation of electricity and gas bills contract. ref: 47772D4777211/07/201811/07/2018Not for call-in
Approval to award a contract to CDW Limited for the provision of end user compute break/fix services with an option to include ancillary services and goods relating to end user compute. ref: 47771D4777110/07/201810/07/2018Not for call-in
Approval to award a contract to a number of contractor providers to deliver small works and Maintenance to CPM property in 2018/19 ref: 47768D4776810/07/201810/07/2018Not for call-in
Call off from Cirrus Materials Framework - Managed Store for Leeds Building Services - Non-housing materials. ref: 47769D4776918/07/201826/07/20180
Procurement strategy for Asbestos Surveying services for the city ref: 47770D4777018/07/201826/07/20180
Community Right to Bid Nomination for land at the former Chapeltown Community Nursery, Roundhay Road, Chapeltown, Leeds, LS7 4NT ref: 47767D4776709/07/201809/07/2018Not for call-in
Approval of a care plan to the value of £300,000 or over per annum ref: 47766D4776609/07/201809/07/2018Not for call-in
Request to enter into a co-operation agreement with Leeds Community Healthcare Trust to deliver the Intensive Positive Behaviour Support service ref: 47765D4776509/07/201809/07/2018Not for call-in
Amendments to the Constitution ref: 47764D4776409/07/201809/07/2018Not for call-in
Leeds School Calendar - academic year 2019-2010 ref: 47760D4776016/07/201824/07/20180
Merrion House Lease ref: 47756D4775613/07/201821/07/20180
Passenger Transport - Approval to procure and award call -off contracts ref: 47750D4775011/07/201819/07/2018Call-in expired