Details of officer decisions relating to planning applications.

Decisions published
Title Ref Date Effective from Call-ins
Appointment to Outside Bodies – Assisted Living Leeds ref: 55539D5553905/08/202205/08/2022Not for call-in
Adding additional capacity and capability to support the recruitment and retention agenda for the organisation ref: 55538D5553805/08/202205/08/2022Not for call-in
Purchase of a Nursery Business Management system for the Little Owls Childcare business ref: 55537D5553705/08/202205/08/2022Not for call-in
Awarding a Framework Agreement: 49143 - ITS190129 Ergonomic and Assistive Technology Products and Services Framework. ref: 55535D5553504/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
DDP Support Plans Over 100k ref: 55533D5553304/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
EV On-Street Residential Charge point Scheme – Bid 2 ref: 55536D5553604/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
Variation to contract DN554040 to discharge Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme Round 3 (PSDS) funding. ref: 55534D5553404/08/202204/08/2022Not for call-in
DDP Support Plans Over 100k ref: 55532D5553203/08/202203/08/2022Not for call-in
DDP Support Plans Over 100k ref: 55529D5552903/08/202203/08/2022Not for call-in
DDP Support Plans Over 100k ref: 55524D5552403/08/202203/08/2022Not for call-in
DDP Support Plans Over 100k ref: 55522D5552203/08/202203/08/2022Not for call-in
DDP Support Plans Over 100k ref: 55521D5552103/08/202203/08/2022Not for call-in
Land at Enfield Avenue, Sheepscar, LS8 ref: 55520D5552003/08/202203/08/2022Not for call-in
15-21 Cookridge Street, Leeds, LS2 3AG ref: 55519D5551903/08/202203/08/2022Not for call-in
To approve the waiver of CPR 9.1 and 9.2 to enter into a new contract with the Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO) without seeking further competition, for a period of seven months from 1 September 2022 ref: 55518D5551811/08/202219/08/20220
Approval to Proceed with the Armley Gyratory Improvement Scheme ref: 55531D5553111/08/202219/08/20220
Benton Park School Expansion Scheme – Objection Report ref: 55516D5551601/08/202201/08/2022Not for call-in
Design and Cost Report for S278 Highway Works Associated With Land At Leeds Road, Collingham, Wetherby, LS22 ref: 55515D5551501/08/202201/08/2022Not for call-in
Design Cost Report – Moortown PS modular replacement ref: 55514D5551429/07/202229/07/2022Not for call-in
Establishment of fixed term post: Head of Service – Integration ref: 55513D5551329/07/202229/07/2022Not for call-in
Authority to make two direct awards for the provision of Blue Badge Digital Services: ref: 55512D5551228/07/202228/07/2022Not for call-in
District Heating Network – Contract award for building connections at Leeds Combined and Magistrates’ Courts ref: 55511D5551128/07/202228/07/2022Not for call-in
Adoption National Recruitment Strategy Establishment ref: 55510D5551028/07/202228/07/2022Not for call-in
Purchase 3x new Telecare Call Systems for Spring Gardens, Dolphin Manor and Knowle Manor Residential Homes. ref: 55509D5550928/07/202228/07/2022Not for call-in
Approval to make a direct award under CPR 9.5 to enter contract with GCA Security and Facilities Management Ltd for ongoing security guarding at Supported Accommodation services. ref: 55507D5550728/07/202228/07/2022Not for call-in
To approve the extension of call off contracts for Temporary Integrated Digital Service Contractors. ref: 55506D5550605/08/202213/08/2022Call-in expired
Design and Cost Report in respect of the 2022/23 Health and Safety Programme ref: 55508D5550805/08/202213/08/2022Call-in expired
Allocation of Section (S) 106 contributions towards a temporary school expansion scheme at Brigshaw High School ref: 55503D5550327/07/202227/07/2022Not for call-in
Request to proceed with a procurement exercise in line with CPR 3.1.7 to appoint a provider to deliver Sensory Support Services in Leeds ref: 55505D5550504/08/202212/08/2022Call-in expired
Day services for younger people living with dementia - contract extension ref: 55504D5550404/08/202212/08/2022Call-in expired
The Supply of fully managed and serviced vending machines DN411576 ref: 55502D5550226/07/202226/07/2022Not for call-in
Alignment of functions of the officer delegation to the remit of the Council’s Scrutiny Boards ref: 55501D5550126/07/202226/07/2022Not for call-in
Contract Award for High Rise Improvement Works to Parkway Grange, Parkway Court and Parkway Towers ref: 55500D5550026/07/202226/07/2022Not for call-in
Purchase of Microsoft subscription licenses for West Yorkshire Joint Services ref: 55499D5549926/07/202226/07/2022Not for call-in
Award a new contract to Microsoft Ltd for the provision of Enterprise Unified Support. ref: 55497D5549725/07/202225/07/2022Not for call-in
Leeds Pipes DHN Customer Connection Agreements ref: 55496D5549625/07/202225/07/2022Not for call-in
Queens Park, Pudsey – Football Pitch and ancillary facility improvements ref: 55498D5549825/07/202225/07/2022Not for call-in
Procurement of services to support the reduction in serious youth violence through improved attendance and engagement at school ref: 55495D5549502/08/202210/08/2022Call-in expired
Commercial Gas including installation, maintenance, servicing, and repairs (reference number 25157/DN434771 ref: 55494D5549401/08/202209/08/2022Call-in expired
Receipt of DfE Grant Funding for SAFE Taskforce Delivery Phase ref: 55493D5549301/08/202209/08/2022Call-in expired
Approval of a care plan to the value between £100,000 and £500,000 per annum ref: 55491D5549125/07/202225/07/2022Not for call-in
Award of cooperation agreements to Area Inclusion Partnerships for provision of Mentoring services to support young people at risk of involvement in violence to re-engage with education ref: 55487D5548728/07/202205/07/2022Call-in expired
Contract for the Insurance of Leasehold Flats (2023-2028) ref: 55478D5547826/07/202203/08/2022Call-in expired
Report seeking approval to utilise the second 12-month extension on the existing contract with Aspire Community Benefit Society Ltd (Aspire) ref: 55107D5510728/07/202228/07/2022Not for call-in