Forthcoming Key Decisions

This page lists the key decisions due to be taken within Leeds City Council over the next few months. Details of each key decision will be published below at least 28 clear days before the decision is due to be taken

What is a 'Key Decision'?

A key decision is an executive decision which is likely to:

  • result in the Authority incurring expenditure or making savings over £500,000, or
  • have a significant effect on communites living or working in an area comprising one or more wards.
  • Article 13 of the Council's Constitution provides more details about which decisions will be treated as key decisions.

    How to get more information about a particular key decision

    The agenda papers for Executive Board meetings, and the documents being considered by officers taking key decisions, are available five working days before the decision will be made through the Council's website.

    The contact details of a lead officer are provided for each key decision listed below. Please contact the lead officer directly if you wish to obtain copies or extracts of any other listed documents, or if you wish to receive details of further documents as they become available. Sometimes the papers you request may contain exempt of confidential information. If this is the case, the lead officer will explain why it will not be possible to make copies available.

    Forthcoming Key Decisions

    16/10/2020 - Replacement highways and civil engineering digital information management solution

    Approval to tender for a replacement highways and civil engineering digital information management solution.

    The current systems enable the management of all highway assets and are used extensively across the H&T service.

    This decision is taken in line with the Council’s Contract Procedure Rule 3.1.6

    Decision Maker: Director of City Development

    Decision due date: Not before 14/11/2020

    Wards affected: (All Wards);

    Lead officer: Philip Mitchell

    Notice of decision: 16/10/2020

    16/10/2020 - Corridor Improvement Programme (CIP) - Dyneley Arms Junction Improvement

    To approve the implementation of a signalled junction improvement scheme at the Dyneley Arms intersection (A660/A658). The Highway Authority shall enter into a funding agreement with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority to promote the works and all associated permanent and temporary land acquisitions required for the scheme footprint.

    Decision Maker: Director of City Development

    Decision due date: Not before 14/11/2020

    Wards affected: Adel and Wharfedale;

    Lead officer: Mohammed Mahmood

    Notice of decision: 16/10/2020

    15/10/2020 - DN448149 Seeking approval to procure multi-trade contractors to support Leeds Building Services (LBS) with repairs, voids and maintenance to domestic properties in South and East Leeds.

    Approval needed to undertake procurement of multitrade contractors to support LBS with delivery of responsive repairs, voids and maintenance to domestic properties.

    The contract will be for an initial term of 4 years with the option to extend for 4 x 12 month periods. We will be looking to appoint a maximum of 6 contractors within 6 lots.

    Decision Maker: Director of Resources and Housing

    Decision due date: Not before 13/11/2020

    Wards affected: Various;

    Lead officer: Craig Simpson

    Notice of decision: 15/10/2020

    09/10/2020 - Approval to install renewable energy generation and other energy efficiency measures across the Council's corporate estate subject to receipt of Government grant funding

    Approval of an injection into the capital programme and authority to spend to the value of up to £25m to deliver renewable energy generation or other energy efficiency measures across a range of LCC buildings and schools. Implementation of the decision will be subject to a successful funding application outcome from the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), and will therefore be cost neutral to the Council.

    Decision Maker: Director of Resources and Housing

    Decision due date: Not before 07/11/2020

    Wards affected: (All Wards);

    Lead officer: Polly Cook

    Notice of decision: 09/10/2020

    09/10/2020 - Approval to continue employment of temporary ICT staff

    Approval to continue employment of Temporary ICT Staff procured under the Digital and Information Services Temporary ICT Staff framework (DN189804) which expired May 2019. The estimated annual value is in the region of £3.9m.

    Decision Maker: Director of Resources and Housing

    Decision due date: Not before 07/11/2020

    Wards affected: (All Wards);

    Lead officer: Bev Fisher

    Notice of decision: 09/10/2020

    08/10/2020 - Approval to secure care home beds as part of Discharge to Assess provision to reduce Covid-19 winter pressures in acute hospital settings.

    In light of the COVID-19 pandemic this report seeks authorisation, utilising the Special Urgency Provisions under Paragraph 2.6 of the Executive and Decision Making Procedure Rules, to secure additional care home bed capacity for a period of 6 months with one extension period of a further six months at an approximate value of £1,880,996.00 for the initial six month period (£3,762,200 full year effect). The additional beds secured will support the health and care system’s Discharge to Assess (D2A) provisions to ensure timely discharge from acute settings for people that are medically fit for discharge but who might otherwise be delayed in hospital whilst  an assessment is completed to determine their longer term needs.  The provision will also help to reduce the impact of COVID-19 and seasonal winter pressures on the health and social care system. The full cost of this provision will be covered through NHS CCG COVID-19 funding.


    On 19 March 2020, Central Government published the guidance on COVID-19 Hospital Discharge Service Requirements. This places a duty on local authorities to assume lead commissioning and contracting responsibilities for “expanding the capacity in domiciliary care, care homes and reablement services in the local area”.


    The guidance states that during the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals will not be able to wait in hospital until their choice of care home has a vacancy. People will be required to accept a care home placement on a short term basis until the care home of their choice is able to provide them with a bed.  Additionally, some people are likely to only require a short term placement in a care home as a ‘step down’ from hospital until they are well enough to go back to their own home.


    In response to the national guidance, the Adults and Health Directorate’s Integrated Commissioning staff are required to secure additional care home bed capacity on a short term basis for people who are ready to be discharged from hospital and who are awaiting an assessment, a home care package or a care home placement at a home of their choice.  This capacity is to be sourced from a range of independent sector care homes and will include residential care and nursing care, including for people with dementia. 

    The initial arrangement in response to Government guidance was set in place on the 27th March 2020 (D50719) for the purchase of 60 beds for a period of 12 weeks via delegated decision. A subsequent delegated decision (D50774) was approved on the 14th April 2020 covering both the expansion of the engagement by up to an additional 60 beds as well as the extension of the original arrangement for a further 3 months. These arrangements came to an end during the first half of September, between the dates of the 8th and the 17th of the month.


    A further Admin Decision was approved on 17 September to make a direct award under CPR 9.5 for the purchase of 34 Discharge To Assess (D2A) beds for a period of 28 days from 1st October running up to and including 28th October for a total of 34 beds.  This has provided the time required to undertake a procurement to secure further bed capacity to cover the winter peiod.


    Commissioning Officers are working with Procurement and Commercial Services to complete the procurement at the earliest possible date as the numbers of people awaiting discharge from hospital has started to rise. It is recognised that a prospective COVID-19 spike during the upcoming winter, in addition to existing winter pressures, could lead to insurmountable pressure on the local health and social care systems without an immediate response.


    In accordance with the guidance on COVID-19 Hospital Discharge Service Requirements issued by Central Government on 19 March 2020, this provision is to be paid for from the NHS COVID-19 budget which is held by NHS Leeds CCG. 


    Previous reports relating to accessing care home beds for short term provision have noted that care homes are frequently reluctant to offer placements to people on a short term basis as this impacts on their income due to frequency of voids as a result of a high turnover of the residents. Under the proposals covered here care home providers will register the number of beds they are able to offer under each bed category, e.g residential, nursing or dementia. No payments will take place until the first admisstion to a bed, from which point the fee will be paid at the Council’s agreedfee rate for the duration of the bed occupation. A retainer fee of 60% of the Council’s fee will then be paid for the period of time in which the bed is unused.



    The estimated cost for this provision is based on securing 50 Nursing dementia beds and 50 Residential dementia beds at the highest fee that the Council pays (QPP fee).  However, the actual number of beds that will be required and be paid for will be determined by the level of demand during the winter period. At this time, it is anticipated that upto 100 beds may be required.


    An annual cost could therefore be up to the sum of £3,762,200.



    Processes will be put in place to ensure that the services are provided in accordance with the specific requirements of supporting swift and prompt discharges from hospital.  Commissioning officers will monitor the usage of the D2A beds to ensure that providers are able to deliver the service in accordance with the stipulated requirements and to ensure that voids are kept to a minimum.  If any of the providers are unable to continue to deliver the provision, the arrangements will cease following due notice in accordance with the term of the agreement.


    If this provision is not secured, there is a high risk that the Council fails to meet its legal obligations as set out in the national COVID-19 guidance in “expanding the capacity in domiciliary care, care homes and reablement services in the local area”.


    Decision Maker: Director of Adults and Health

    Decision due date: 06/11/2020

    Wards affected: (All Wards);

    Lead officer: Michelle Atkinson

    Notice of decision: 08/10/2020

    08/10/2020 - West Yorkshire Devolution Deal - Consent to Order / Regulations

    Executive Board will be asked to provide consent to the draft Order / Regulations to enact the West Yorkshire Devolution Deal.

    Decision Maker: Executive Board

    Decision due date: Not before 09/11/2020

    Lead officer: Mike Eakins

    Notice of decision: 08/10/2020

    08/10/2020 - Schools Teacher and Leeds City Council Teacher Pay Policies 2020/21

    The national teacher pay award and School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) will come into force on 14th October 2020.

    Leeds will adopt the advisory pay points set by the DfE which range from 2.75% to 5.5% for new teachers in line with the Government’s agenda to reach a 30k starting salary by 2022/23. 

    For 2020/21 LCC had budgeted a total pay bill increase of 2.75%. However the nationally agreed wage bill increase is 3.1%. Leeds estimate the local pay bill increase to be 3%. The additional costs to Leeds schools are expected to exceed 600k, subject to DfE funding. Decision required on accepting these additional costs.

    Decision Maker: Director of Resources and Housing

    Decision due date: Not before 06/11/2020

    Wards affected: (All Wards);

    Lead officer: Carol Gill

    Notice of decision: 08/10/2020