Forthcoming Key Decisions

This page lists the key decisions due to be taken within Leeds City Council over the next few months. Details of each key decision will be published below at least 28 clear days before the decision is due to be taken

What is a 'Key Decision'?

A key decision is an executive decision which is likely to:

  • result in the Authority incurring expenditure or making savings over £500,000, or
  • have a significant effect on communites living or working in an area comprising one or more wards.
  • Article 13 of the Council's Constitution provides more details about which decisions will be treated as key decisions.

    How to get more information about a particular key decision

    The agenda papers for Executive Board meetings, and the documents being considered by officers taking key decisions, are available five working days before the decision will be made through the Council's website.

    The contact details of a lead officer are provided for each key decision listed below. Please contact the lead officer directly if you wish to obtain copies or extracts of any other listed documents, or if you wish to receive details of further documents as they become available. Sometimes the papers you request may contain exempt of confidential information. If this is the case, the lead officer will explain why it will not be possible to make copies available.

    Forthcoming Key Decisions

    22/05/2020 - Learning Places Programme - Additional places school required for September 2020.

    Approve expenditure of in excess of £500k to deliver the works required to provide additional places at Cockburn Academy and Leeds City Academy for September 2020.

    Decision Maker: Executive Board

    Decision due date: 24/06/2020

    Wards affected: Headingley and Hyde Park; Middleton Park;

    Lead officer: Adele Robinson

    Notice of decision: 22/05/2020

    21/05/2020 - Armley Gyratory Highway Reconfiguration

    A decision is sought to obtain technical approval for the preliminary design proposals for the Armley Gyratory Highway Reconfiguration and authorisation to incur expenditure to undertake detailed design and all works required to progress the scheme to the next Combined Authority decision point.

    Authorisation is also sought to procure external input into scheme development via a design and build contract under the Scape Civil Engineering Framework.


    Decision Maker: Director of City Development

    Decision due date: Not before 19/06/2020

    Wards affected: Armley; Beeston and Holbeck; Hunslet and Riverside; Little London and Woodhouse;

    Lead officer: Chris Musgrave

    Notice of decision: 21/05/2020

    19/05/2020 - Kirkstall Road Cycle Segregation Scheme

    Decision to design and implement a cycle segregation infrastructure scheme involving wand orcas along Kirkstall Road that will increase the protection of the existing cycle provision.

    Decision Maker: Director of City Development

    Decision due date: Not before 17/06/2020

    Wards affected: Kirkstall; Little London and Woodhouse;

    Lead officer: David O'Donoghue

    Notice of decision: 19/05/2020

    15/05/2020 - Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme - City Centre Gateways (The Headrow Gateway & Infirmary Street Gateway) - Authority To Advertise Draft Traffic Regulation Orders

    To obtain approval to advertise the draft Traffic Regulation Orders associated with The Headrow Gateway and Infirmary Street Gateway schemes, and if no objections are received, to make, seal and implement the orders as advertised.

    Decision Maker: Director of City Development

    Decision due date: Not before 13/06/2020

    Wards affected: Hunslet and Riverside; Little London and Woodhouse;

    Lead officer: Gwyn Owen

    Notice of decision: 15/05/2020

    15/05/2020 - Approval to procure a contractor to undertake design, build and delivery of District Heating Clusters for high rise housing

    As part of the council’s plans to improve energy efficiency and tackle fuel poverty in our housing high rise blocks, the council plans to create six new district heating clusters to provide low carbon heat to up to 26 housing high rise blocks.

    This scheme includes specialist technical design for each cluster; the works onsite including construction of the heat network and pipework and replacement of the existing electric storage heating and hot water systems in residents flats with modern and efficient heating; and the initial operation and maintenance of the clusters for a time limited period prior to long term arrangements being put in place.

    This decision is to approve the scheme and the procurement route to appoint a contractor, and to authorise spend.  

    Decision Maker: Director of Resources and Housing

    Decision due date: Not before 13/06/2020

    Wards affected: Armley; Gipton and Harehills; Killingbeck and Seacroft; Little London and Woodhouse;

    Lead officer: Neil Diamond

    Notice of decision: 15/05/2020

    14/05/2020 - Establishment of a Combined West Yorkshire Urban Traffic Management and Control Service

    To give approval to progress the establishment of a joint service to be provided by Leeds City Council for urban traffic management and control services to the five West Yorkshire Councils.

    Decision Maker: Director of City Development

    Decision due date: Not before 12/06/2020

    Wards affected: (All Wards);

    Lead officer: Andrew Hall

    Notice of decision: 14/05/2020

    12/05/2020 - Approval to carry out the Procurement Exercise for a Leisure Management System for Active Leeds

    Approval to carry out a competitive tender exercise for the procurement of a Leisure Management System.


    This decision is taken in line with the Council’s Contract Procedure Rule 3.1.6.

    Decision Maker: Director of City Development

    Decision due date: Not before 10/06/2020

    Wards affected: (All Wards);

    Lead officer: Steven Baker

    Notice of decision: 12/05/2020