Details of officer decisions relating to planning applications.

Decisions published
Title Ref Date Effective from Call-ins
Tour de Yorkshire 2018 Contract ref: 47509D4750923/04/201823/04/2018Not for call-in
Approval of the Chief Financial Officer’s Sub-delegation Scheme ref: 47508D4750823/04/201823/04/2018Not for call-in
Award Leeds Person Held Record (PHR) initiation and oversight to Ripple Foundation C.I.C Ltd ref: 47506D4750623/04/201823/04/2018Not for call-in
Change to Health and Housing restructure ref: 47505D4750523/04/201823/04/2018Not for call-in
Authority to commence procurement exercise for the supply of vehicles from a framework contract ref: 47507D4750723/04/201823/04/2018Not for call-in
Request to initiate a procurement process (application) for a long term framework agreement with independent sector care homes for older people ref: 47511D4751101/05/201810/05/20180
Report to request that a fee uplift be applied to Independent Sector Care Homes for Older People ref: 47512D4751201/05/201810/05/20180
Design & Cost Report for Release of Capital for Adaptations to Private Homes 2018/19 ref: 47510D4751001/05/201810/05/20180
Waiver of CPRs 8.1 and 8.2 to manage a clerk of works, a visiting engineer and continued support from their own team for the Shakespeare Façade Repairs & External Wall Insulation Works ref: 47504D4750420/04/201820/04/2018Not for call-in
Post Compulsory Purchase action - Transfer of 7 Lea Farm Crescent LS5 3QQ into the Housing Leeds Property Portfolio ref: 47503D4750320/04/201820/04/2018Not for call-in
Post Compulsory Purchase action - Transfer of 12 Grange View, Chapleltown, Leeds LS7 4EP into the Housing Leeds Property Portfolio ref: 47502D4750220/04/201820/04/2018Not for call-in
Post Compulsory Purchase action - Transfer of 9 Lea Farm Crescent LS5 3QQ into the Housing Leeds Property Portfolio ref: 47501D4750120/04/201820/04/2018Not for call-in
Provision of specialist Animal Feeds from Dietex International Ltd / Mazuri Zoo foods ref: 47500D4750020/04/201820/04/2018Not for call-in
Amendments to the Constitution ref: 47499D4749919/04/201819/04/2018Not for call-in
Write Off of Former Tenants Rent Arrears ref: 47497D4749719/04/201819/04/2018Not for call-in
Approval of Director of Resources & Housing Sub-delegation scheme ref: 47496D4749619/04/201819/04/2018Not for call-in
Design & Cost Report and Tender Acceptance for the required works to facilitate the Learning Places Expansion of Beecroft Primary School. Capital Scheme Number: 32450/BEE/000 ref: 47494D4749419/04/201819/04/2018Not for call-in
Electric vans additional funding authority for various Council departments ref: 47495D4749519/04/201819/04/2018Not for call-in
Re-procurement of the Pharmacy Supervised Consumption Service ref: 47498D4749827/04/2018For consultation
Land and premises at Bristol Street , Sheepscar - The New Roscoe Public House LS7 (Capital scheme number: 32925) ref: 47493D4749318/04/201818/04/2018Not for call-in
Request to continue a current commercial agreement for the provision of CCTV fibre services with British Telecommunications plc ref: 47492D4749218/04/201818/04/2018Not for call-in
Approval of a care plan to the value of £300,000 or over per annum ref: 47491D4749118/04/201818/04/2018Not for call-in
Licensing Delegated Decisions – March 2018 ref: 47490D4749018/04/201818/04/2018Not for call-in
Waiver of Contract Procedure Rules 9.1 and 9.2 to enter into a contract with Telefonica UK Limited to provide a Tablet Lending Scheme with device management services ref: 47489D4748918/04/201818/04/2018Not for call-in
Request to Dispose of Property and adjacent land: Cottage 1 Ellar Ghyll, Bradford Road, Otley, Leeds, LS21 3DN ref: 47488D4748818/04/201818/04/2018Not for call-in
Amendments to the Contracts Procedure Rules ref: 47487D4748717/04/201817/04/2018Not for call-in
Waiver of CPRs 8.1 and 8.2 for the support and modification of the Leedswatch Alarm Receiving Centre software platform ref: 47486D4748617/04/201817/04/2018Not for call-in
Approval of a care plan to the value of up to £250,000 per annum ref: 47485D4748517/04/201817/04/2018Not for call-in
Approval of City Solicitor's Sub-delegation Scheme ref: 47484D4748417/04/201817/04/2018Not for call-in
Approval of a care plan to the value of up to £250,000 per annum ref: 47483D4748317/04/201817/04/2018Not for call-in
Approval of a care plan to the value of up to £250,000 per annum ref: 47482D4748217/04/201817/04/2018Not for call-in
Record of Decisions – Child Performance Licences, Child Chaperone Licences and Children’s Work Permits – March 2018 ref: 47481D4748116/04/201816/04/2018Not for call-in
Waiver of Contract Procedure Rule 15.2 to reduce the price element of the evaluation for the Leeds Public Transport Investment Programme (LPTIP) Delivery Partnership Contract ref: 47480D4748016/04/201816/04/2018Not for call-in
Design & Cost Report for completion of the Shakespeare Primary in-year ‘bulge’ accommodation Capital Scheme Number: 32655/BGE/BRI ref: 47478D4747816/04/201816/04/2018Not for call-in
Approval to Tender the Leeds Public Transport lnvestment Programme Delivery Partner ref: 47479D4747924/04/201802/05/20180
LEP Capital Grants Programme (formerly known as the Business Growth Programme - BGP). ref: 47477D4747713/04/201813/04/2018Not for call-in
Green Space Improvements - Coronation Parade, Halton Moor ref: 47476D4747613/04/201813/04/2018Not for call-in
Waiver of Contract Procedure Rules 8.1 and 8.2 for Procurement of Rigging Services for Events in 2018/19. ref: 47474D4747413/04/201813/04/2018Not for call-in
Watercourse Maintenance Contract - Extension of contract for a further one year until the 30 April 2019 ref: 47473D4747323/04/2018For consultation
DIS Essential Services Programme (ESP) - Corporate Hardware and Software Upgrades / IT Investments ref: 47475D4747523/04/2018For consultation
City Council’s response to the Pre-Submission Draft Oulton and Woodlesford Neighbourhood Plan ref: 47472D4747212/04/201812/04/2018Not for call-in
Design & Cost Report for Hawksworth Wood Primary School Expansion Early Works Phase 2 Capital Scheme Number: 32450/HAW/EXP ref: 47471D4747112/04/201812/04/2018Not for call-in
The procurement of a new contract to renew 2 lifts at Roxby Close, Lincoln Green, Leeds ref: 47470D4747020/04/201828/04/20180
Receipt capital funds to deliver Clean Air Zone feasibility work ref: 47469D4746920/04/201828/04/20180
Waiver of CPR 8.1 and 8.2 to enter into a contract with TRL Software Sales for the upgrade of Junctions 8 modelling software to the latest version Junctions 9 without seeking competition. ref: 47468D4746811/04/201811/04/2018Not for call-in
Pudsey Ward Traffic Regulation Order - Objection Report ref: 47467D4746711/04/201811/04/2018Not for call-in
Cross Gates Ward TRO - Objection Report ref: 47466D4746611/04/201811/04/2018Not for call-in
Waiver to allow Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, on the Council’s behalf, to prepare and submit a White Clawed Crayfish Mitigation Application to allow flood defence works to be undertaken on the Wykebeck. ref: 47465D4746511/04/201811/04/2018Not for call-in
Land at Beckhill Grove, Miles Hill - Disposal to a Registered Provider ref: 47462D4746211/04/201811/04/2018Not for call-in
Tender Acceptance Report: Hovingham Primary School Capital Scheme Number: 32864 RFG 000 ref: 47461D4746111/04/201811/04/2018Not for call-in
Contract Award – ITS160027: Cemeteries & Crematoria Admin System ref: 47463D4746311/04/201811/04/2018Not for call-in
Approval to call off from ESPO framework 345 and to award for the supply, installation and maintenance of cardiovascular and strength equipment ref: 47464D4746419/04/201827/04/20180
Design & Cost Report for Hawksworth Wood Primary School Expansion Phase 2 Works ref: 47440D4744013/04/201821/04/2018Call-in expired
Design & Cost Report for Iveson Primary School Expansion <br/><br/>Capital Scheme Number: 32450 /IVE/ 000<br/> ref: 47438D4743812/04/201820/04/2018Call-in expired
Housing Leeds 2018/19 Capital Refurbishment Programme - Authority to Spend Approval ref: 47436D4743612/04/201820/04/2018Call-in expired