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Green Leeds


Green Leeds Limited administrates grants for groups to deliver environmental projects within the Leeds Metropolitan District.


Established in September 1997, Green Leeds Limited is an independent charity.  Its members are council officers, elected members, as well as representatives of third-sector and commercial organisations



Green Leeds Limited administers a main grant and a small grant. 


The Main Grant Fund offers grants from between £5,000 and £45,450.  There is no limit on the total scheme cost for this fund; however, Green Leeds will only consider funding a maximum of 75% of the project costs.  Groups would have to find the remaining 25% from other matched funding sources.


The Small Grant Fund offers grants up to a maximum of £5,000 for schemes where the total cost of the project is no more than £10,000.  The scheme would have to complete within one year.



Please contact the Programme Manager for details about the deadlines.



Grants from Green Leeds Limited are available for external works only.  For full details of what projects are eligible, please contact the Programme Manager.  Please see the ‘Contact details’ below.


Application forms:

Application forms are not available from this webpage.  Please contact the Programme Manager for application forms and further details of how to apply.


Contact information

Sue Lumby, Programme Manager

Parks & Countryside
Farnley Hall
Hall Lane
LS12 5HA

Phone: (0113) 39 57473

Fax: (0113) 39 57401

Email: sue.lumby@leeds.gov.uk

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