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National Association of Councillors


The National Association of Councillors (NAC) is an all party representative organisation that represents the interests of councillors throughout the United Kingdom. It is run for elected members by elected members.


The NAC works to enhance the role of councillors and to assist them to be as effective as possible in undertaking their various roles and responsibilities. Our principal objectives are:


  • To represent and further the interests of Elected Members in the UK
  • To consult with Central Government, Scottish Parliament, Welsh and Irish Assemblies on the enhancement of the status of Elected Members
  • To provide training and education for subscribing NAC members
  • To initiate consideration of matters of interest to and to disseminate relevant information to Elected Members
  • To provide a forum for Elected Members to discuss issues of common interest and exchange information and ideas


Contact information

Brian Nelson

National Association of Councillors
6 Goatbeck Terrace
Langley Moor
Co. Durham

Email: nelsonelectrical@aol.com

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