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Design & Cost (DCR) and Tender Acceptance Report (TAR) seeking approval of construction works and associated fees associated with phase two works at the former Shakespeare Primary school (now known as the East SILC Roger Cannon Site) to make it suita

Reference: D52734

Decision Maker: Director of Children and Families

Decision status: Recommendations Approved (subject to call-in)

Is Key decision?: Yes

Is subject to call in?: Yes


Request for the Authority to Spend to create up to 68 additional Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) places for children of secondary school age.


The Director of Children and Families:

  I.  In respect of Phase 1 of the conversion works at the East SILC Roger Cannon Site:

a.  Notes that approval to expend £1,046,810.26 was obtained in July 2020 under reference D52120 for works covered under Phase 1.

b.  Notes that the works covered under Phase 1 are now complete and final accounts are being prepared.

  II.  In respect of Phase 2 of the conversion works at the East SILC Roger Cannon Site:

a.  Approves the expenditure of £2,518,237.34 from capital scheme number  32737 / SHA / PH2 BASIC NEED 2019 (as detailed in this report) in respect of capital works and related costs and fees for the Phase 2.

b.  Approves the tender submitted by Investors in the Community (Leeds Schools) Limited in the sum of £2,075,760.54

c.  Approves the deed of variation of the PFI project agreement to be entered into between the City Council and Investors in the Community (Leeds Schools) Limited, noting the pursuant to this deed, the City Council shall pay:

·  £1,599,694.06 in capital costs;

·  Up to £476,066.48 in fees and costs.

·  An increase in the unitary charge payable under the PFI project agreement of £50,770.25 (indexed) per annum.

  together with any other related documents (including without limitation a collateral warranty from M G  Builders (UK) Limited and a new governing body agreement with the Governing Body of the East SILC Roger Cannon Site).

d.  Notes that the capital works for Phase 2 will be delivered by M G Builders (UK) Limited pursuant to a JCT Design & Build Contract 2016 with Investors in the Community (Leeds Schools) Limited.

  III.  Notes that upon completion of the works covered under Phase 2, the East SILC Roger Cannon Site will be able to accommodate up to 100 secondary school age children with SEND

  IV.  Notes that the scheme will be funded from the Learning Places Programme fund.

Notes that the officers responsible for implementation are the Head of Service Learning Systems (Children and Families) and the Head of Programmes and Projects (City Development).

Reason Key: Financial Impact>£500K;

Wards Affected: Burmantofts and Richmond Hill;

Portfolio Holder: The Executive Member for Learning, Skills & Employment

Other reasons / organisations consulted

A public consultation on the creation of new specialist places took place between 19 June and 24 July 2019. 

At its meeting on 18 September, members of the Executive Board considered the outcome of the public consultation and approved the publication of the Statutory Notice,

The notice was published on 14 October 2019 marking the start of a four week formal consultation, also known as the ‘representation’ stage as prescribed in the ‘Prescribed Alterations’ regulations.


During this four week period, which ended on 11 November 2019, anyone could raise views/ concerns that had not been previously raised or addressed during the public consultation. There were no representations made during the representation period.


A final decision on the proposal to expand specialist provision at East SILC – John Jamieson to 400 places, expanding onto two new additional sites; the former Shakespeare Primary School site and the Oakwood building, with effect from January 2020 was approved by members of the Executive Board at their meeting on 7 January 2020.


Executive portfolio members

Ward members

East SILC – John Jamieson Senior Management Team (SMT)

Parents / Carers

Contact: Imtiaz Hasan, Project Manager 07891 277 112 Email:

Publication date: 11/02/2021

Date of decision: 19/02/2021

Date comes into force if not called in: 27/02/2021

Call-in deadline date: 26/02/2021

Current call-in Count: 0

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