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Connecting West Leeds (CWL) Phase 2 Schemes - Design and Construction

Reference: D56279

Decision Maker: Director of City Development

Is Key decision?: Yes

Is subject to call in?: Yes


Authority to spend circa £12m+ on the Design and Construction of seven Phase 2 schemes funded by The Department for Transport Levelling Up Fund and supplemented by City Regional Sustainable Transport Settlement (CRSTS) and S106 funding.


Connecting West Leeds (CWL) Phase 2 Schemes consisting of:

- Section 4: Calverley Lane Bridge

- Section 5: Dawsons Corner to Rodley Footway and Cycleway Link

- Section 6: Rodley Roundabout Technology Improvements

- Section 7: Calverley La North & Calverley Bridge road safety measures

- Section 8: Footway and Cycle Ramp to Canal

- Section 9: Landscape Mitigation

- Section 10: Average Speed Camera Enforcement



The Chief Officer (Highways and Transportation):


a)  Noted the Executive Board approval in June 2021 to support the Round 1 LUF bid for CWL which received approval from The Department of Transport (DfT) in November 2021 and Highway Board approval for Phase 2 schemes design and construction in March 2022;



b)  Noted decision was made by Chief Officer of Land & Property and Highways & Transportation to purchase the land for Section 4 of the scheme.


c)  Noted third party land is also required for the preferred option (Appendix 5) for Section 8 of the scheme subject to successful land discussions and this will be progressed via negotiations with use of specialist external land agents as consultancy support;


d)  Noted alternative option (Appendix 5A) will be progressed for Section 8 of the scheme if feasible should the preferred option not go ahead and there are sufficient funding available;


e)  Noted planning applications are required for both Sections 4 and 8 and pre-app advise has been sought to inform the main applications;


f)  Noted the results of Phase 2 consultation undertaken during July to September 2022, highlight results presented in Appendix 8;


g)  Approved the designs presented in Appendices 1 to 7 for each section within the Phase 2 delivery; Noting detailed designs for Sections 4, 8 and 10 will be commissioned externally via Contract 3602 - Highways and Transportation Services Professional Services Core Contract and detailed designs for Sections 5, 6 and 7 will be progressed via internal H&T teams;


h)  Authorised the expenditure on Phase 2 schemes, which are subject to change upon receipt of tender costs to be funded from LUF. Noting inflationary pressures on the current LUF CWL budget, and the work underway to mitigate this through, exploring opportunities for additional funding, value engineering, alternative materials and the delivery of early advanced works:


  B6156 Calverley Lane Accessible Bridge – initial cost £4.296m (latest £7.00m)

  Rodley Roundabout to Dawsons Corner Pedestrian and Cycle Link – initial cost £4.849m

  Rodley Roundabout Technology Improvements – initial cost £0.633m

  Calverley Lane (North) No Right Turn and Island Safety Measures – initial cost £0.215m

  A6120 to Leeds-Liverpool Canal Accessible Ramp – initial cost £0.867m

  A6120 Horsforth to Pudsey planting and landscaping – initial cost £0.663m

  A6120 Ring Road - Horsforth r/about to Dawson Corner - Speed reduction enforced by new average speed cameras installations – initial cost £0.35.

  A6120 (Stanningley Bypass) - Dawson Corner to Bramley Town End - Speed Reduction enforced by new average speed cameras installations - initial cost £0.35m.

  Programme Management – latest £0.369m


i)  Approved a further £0.30m contribution from CRSTS  towards the implementation of new average speed camera on the A647 Bradford Road between Dawson Corner to Thornbury Roundabout.


j)  Noted S106 contribution of £230k received from Horsforth Campus site to CWL capital budget;


k)  Noted construction will be delivered via one of the following frameworks, namely, the Minor, Intermediate or Major Works Contractor Frameworks;


l)  Requested the City Solicitor to advertise a Traffic Regulation Speed Limit Order as required to introduce a 50mph speed limit on the A6120 Ring Road (Horsforth r/about to Dawson Corner) and A6120 (Stanningley By-Pass) from Dawson Corner to Bramley Town End as shown on drawing (1091/LCC/08/XX/DR/TM/01_02_SLO) and, subject to no objections being received, make and seal the Orders as advertised;


m)  Noted and approved the use of average speed camera enforcement at the 3 locations detailed above in recommendations I and J. The ability to use this technology follows the launch of the new proactive changes adopted by the West Yorkshire Camera Safety Partnerships on the 20th February 2023 which now offers a new proactive and preventative approached to speed camera deployment and casualty reduction. All of the 3 lengths identified in recommendations I and J meet the new criteria for average speed camera deployment.


n)  Noted that the Chief Officer (Highways and Transportation) is responsible for the programme delivery, with a target completion date set by the DfT of March 2024.

Reason Key: Financial Impact>£500K;

Wards Affected: Bramley and Stanningley; Calverley and Farsley; Horsforth; Pudsey;

Other reasons / organisations consulted

CWL Phase 2 public consultation was hosted on the Leeds City Council Connecting West Leeds Commonplace webpage and ran from 12 July 2022 to 11 September 2022,

, this also included five face to face drop in events in Pudsey, Rodley, Farsley, Calverley and Horsforth.


The following key stakeholders have also been consulted:

  Executive Board Member for Infrastructure and Climate;

  Local Ward Members;

  Internal LCC Officers;

  Members of Public (online and drop in event); and

  Cycle Sub-Group.

Contact: Mohammed Mahmood, Senior Transport Planner 0113 378 7524 Email:

Publication date: 17/04/2023

Date of decision: 25/04/2023

Effective from: 04/05/2023

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