Agenda and draft minutes

Joint Plans Panel
Thursday, 14th November, 2019 2.00 pm

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Contact: Debbie Oldham  Tel: 0113 3788656

No. Item


Election of the Chair

To formally nominate the Chair for the meeting



Councillor Ritchie was elected to the Chair for the duration of the meeting.


Exempt Information - Possible Exclusion of the Press and Public

1  To highlight reports or appendices which officers have identified as containing exempt information, and where officers consider that the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information, for the reasons outlined in the report.


2  To consider whether or not to accept the officers recommendation in respect of the above information.


3  If so, to formally pass the following resolution:-


  RESOLVED – That the press and public be excluded from the meeting during consideration of those parts of the agenda designated as containing exempt information on the grounds that it is likely, in view of the nature of the business to be transacted or the nature of the proceedings, that if members of the press and public were present there would be disclosure to them of exempt information, as follows




There were no exempt items.


Late Items

To identify items which have been admitted to the agenda by the Chair for consideration


(The special circumstances shall be specified in the minutes)



There were no late items.


Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests

To disclose or draw attention to any disclosable pecuniary interests for the purposes of Section 31 of the Localism Act 2011 and paragraphs 13-16 of the Members’ Code of Conduct.



There were no declarations of disclosable pecuniary interests made.


Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Andrew Carter, Sharon Hamilton, Paul Wadsworth, David Jenkins, Elizabeth Nash, Robert Finnigan, Salma Arif, Lisa Mulherin and Dawn Collins.


Minutes - 11th July 2019 pdf icon PDF 325 KB

To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 11th July 2019, as a correct record.


RESOLVED – That the minutes of the meeting held on 11th July 2019 be approved as a correct record.


Matters arising


During matters arising Members discussed the following points:

·  The need for a brief discussion on demolition of buildings to be brought to the attention of Ward Councillors. It was agreed that this would be addressed as Any other business at the end of the substantive agenda items;

·  The need for a discussion around Design Champions. It was noted as being an item which could be discussed by Joint Plans Panel at a future meeting;

·  That two meetings of Joint Plans Panel per year was not sufficient to discuss all the strategic issues raised at the other Plans Panels; 

·  Discussion required at Joint Plans Panel in relation to S215 Notices;

·  Agreed that Planning Chairs would assist in agenda forming before future Joint plans meetings.


Minute 7 – Public Speaking Protocol and Guide to Pre Application Presentations: It was highlighted that this protocol was to improve accessibility to the process of speaking at plans panel. Members had requested that the protocol should use plain English and that a glossary should be included as part of the protocol. – Joint Plans Panel were advised that that a glossary had been included as part of the protocol and would be circulated to Members.


Minute 8 Update on the Site Allocations Plans and Core Strategy Selective Review. Members were advised that the SAP and the Core Strategy had been adopted. The SAP is however still open to legal challenge as it is still going through the legal process. The Core Strategy however has been adopted and full weight should be applied.


Officers will look a land in ownership of Highways England known as ‘ransom strips’ and report findings back to Members.





Planning Services performance report- quarters 1 and 2, 2019-20 pdf icon PDF 482 KB

The report of the Chief Planning Officer presented Members with the performance of Planning Services for quarters 1 and 2, 2019-20.


(Report attached)


The report of the Chief Planning Officer covered planning performance and activity for the period 1st April to 30th September 2019.


This report was presented by the Head of Development Management and was split into three sections with Members invited to comment after each section. Members were informed of the following key points:

·  There had been a decrease in application numbers compared to the same period last year. This seemed to be an issue nationally although Leeds have received more applications than other core cities in relation to major developments;

·  Income and fees had increased and was just over the expected target of £56,000;

·  S106 monies received was just over £2.3 million in this reporting period with 26 new agreements received;

·  £6.5 million of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) had been invoiced in this reporting period;

·  2,191 decisions were made in this reporting period this is 11% lower than the same period last year with 85.6% of majors being dealt with within timescales. This compared nationally with 88%, but is still well above the national target to avoid designation;

·  Plans Panels had made 54 decisions. The workload of the Panel also included a number of pre-applications and position statements;

·  92 new appeals had been received compared to 85 new appeals for the same period last year. The Planning Inspectorate made 97 appeal decisions; 82.5% of the appeals were dismissed in the same period last year, 77.4% of appeals in Leeds were dismissed, compared at a national average of around 67%. In the same period last year, 77.4% of appeals in Leeds were dismissed;

·  The number of enforcement cases received in the first two quarters of 2019/20 has been high, with 746 cases received. The number of cases on hand has been reduced to approximately 900 maintaining a long standing service objective to keep cases under 1000. As such the workload of the service remains substantial;

·  86 enforcement and other notices had been served this year so far which is an increase on the last reporting period. Leeds continues to take more formal action than other core cities which reflects the importance that Members in Leeds put on the service;

·  84 formal complaints had been received under the Council’s Complaints Procedure. Members’ attention was drawn to the table at point 3.7.1 which showed that there had been a decrease in the numbers received in comparison with the same reporting period last year. This was seen as a positive sign;

·  Staffing within the service seems to be relatively stable at present. However, there is still some instability within the Compliance and Enforcement Service which will require replacement recruitment to enable the ongoing high workload.  The service had been awarded £506,000 which had been as a result of a bidding processing to supplement staffing within the enforcement service to tackle issues within the Green Belt;

·  Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) can now be viewed via an online map hosted by Leeds City Council website. It is hoped that in future to digitalise and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 18.


Buildings at risk pdf icon PDF 684 KB

The report of the Chief Planning Officer informs the Joint Plans Panel of the number of Buildings at Risk in the city and the efforts that are being made to address this issue.


(Report attached)


The report of the Chief Planning Officer informed the Joint Plans Panel that there was 113 Buildings at Risk in the city and the efforts being made to address this issue. Members were advised that the list has decreased by 7 since last years’ report.


Members’ attention was drawn to 3.2 which outlined the priorities which included the ‘big three’ two of which are currently being refurbished and due to be completed next year. Members heard that the owner of Temple Mills is going to do remedial works to the building and that the owner is going out to tender for a repair strategy. Members noted that Cookridge Hall had been added to the since the last report.


Monitoring and surveys are undertaken, however this is a small team looking after a number of listed buildings and conservation areas.


RESOLVED – To note the content of the report and the work that is progressing towards reducing the number of Buildings at Risk in the city.


Cllrs C and P Gruen left the meeting at 16:00 during this item.





Any other business


The Chair invited Members to raise any other business for consideration at the conclusion of the formal agenda items.


The Panel heard that at a recent South and West Plans Panel it had come to light that a Ward Member had not been aware that a building in their ward had been demolished. Members were of the view that they should be kept up to date on planning matters within their wards including demolitions.


Members were advised that a ‘notice of intention to demolish’ was posted and it was the view of the officers that the system used for this process could be used to email Members so that there are aware of future demolitions. It was also suggested that the guidance and process for demolitions should be provided to Members.


Concerns were raised in relation to accessible design for buildings. It had been noted that wheelchair access was usually located at the rear of buildings.


Members were of the opinion that everyone should be able to access a building using the front of the building. Members were advised that the new Accessibility Policy set out in the Core Strategy will deal with this issue in future developments.






Date and Time of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting to be confirmed after the Annual Meeting of Council.


The date of the next meeting will be decided at the meeting of Annual Council in May 2020.