Agenda and minutes

Outer North West Community Committee - Monday, 7th March, 2022 1.30 pm

Venue: Greenacre Hall - 55 New Rd Side, Rawdon, Leeds LS19 6DD

Contact: Debbie Oldham on 0113 37 88656 

No. Item



To consider any appeals in accordance with Procedure Rule 15.2 of the Access to Information Procedure Rules (in the event of an Appeal the

press and public will be excluded). (*In accordance with Procedure Rule 15.2, written notice of an appeal must be received by the Head of Governance Services at least 24 hours before the meeting)


There were no appeals against refusal of inspection of documents.



1  To highlight reports or appendices which officers have identified as containing exempt information, and where officers consider that the public interest in maintaining the exemption outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information, for the reasons outlined in the report.


2   To consider whether or not to accept the officers recommendation in respect of the above information.


3   If so, to formally pass the following resolution:-


RESOLVED – That the press and public be excluded from the meeting during consideration of the following parts of the agenda designated as containing exempt information on the grounds that it is likely, in view of the nature of the business to be transacted or the nature of the proceedings, that if members of the press and public were present there would be disclosure to them of

exempt information, as follows:-


There were no exempt items.



To identify items which have been admitted to the agenda by the Chair for consideration (The special circumstances shall be specified in the minutes)


There were no late items. However, there was supplementary information in relation to Agenda Item 8 Outer North West Community Committee Finance Update Report. This had been circulated to Members.


Members were also notified that with the Chairs agreement an item had been tabled in relation to Agenda Item 8 Outer North West Community Committee Finance Report. Minute 46 refers



To disclose or draw attention to any interests in accordance with Leeds City Council’s ‘Councillor Code of Conduct’.


No declarations of interests were made at this point in the meeting.


However, Cllr Alderson declared that he was a member of Guiseley Lights CIC during consideration of Agenda Item 8 Outer North West Community Committee Finance Report.


Apologies For Absence

To receive any apologies for absence.


There were no apologies for absence.

Chairs and Community Committee Members Comments for Cllr Latty

The Chair advised the Community Committee that this would be the last Community Committee meeting that Cllr Latty would serve on. He said that Cllr Latty had served the Council for 22 years and was now retiring at the age of 85.


Over the past 22 years Cllr Latty has sat on most Committees, Panels and Boards and Chaired this Community Committee and the CIT. He has been a distinguished Councillor doing a lot for his ward of Guiseley and Rawdon and for the Council.


He wished him a long happy and healthy retirement. He invited other Members to say a few words.


Cllr Campbell said that Cllr Latty would be missed as a member of Plans Panel and Community Committee as he had done a tremendous amount of work for the ward. He said that Cllr Latty was an easy person to work with and always supportive, he would be a loss to the Guiseley and Rawdon ward.


Cllr Lay said that he had worked on the Health and Adult Social Care sub-group with Cllr Latty, he had found him always supportive, kind and that politics had not been an issue for him, he just wanted what was best for the community. He also highlighted the fact that Cllr Latty had instigated the Isolation App for use in Leeds which had come out of an idea formed at the sub-group. The App had made an impact across the city in alleviating isolation and loneliness. He wished Cllr Latty a healthy and happy retirement.


Cllr Downes said that politics had not got in the way when there was an issue to be dealt with. He said that Cllr Latty’s energy in the work that he had undertaken was a tribute to him. He was well respected in Guiseley and epitomised working well together.


Cllr Taylor thanked Cllr Latty for his support whilst he was working as a casework for Andrew Stuart MP. He said that Cllr Latty had been very welcoming when he became a Councillor. He said that the people of Guiseley would miss him, he had made good contributions to the Council and the Conservative Group.


Cllr Alderson – Said that he was pleased to have worked with Cllr Latty, who had shown him support when he became a Councillor. He said Cllr Latty had dedicated himself to work in Aireborough and the ward would miss him. He hoped he would be able to continue with the good work, as Cllr Latty had.


Cllr B Anderson said that Cllr Latty was his own person, a proud Councillor and right for the area. He said that Planning would not forget his love of chimneys as in his view they added to the design of the house. He said that Plans Panels would miss his knowledge on planning issues.


Cllr Shemilt gave her sincere thanks for all that Cllr Latty had done and wished him well in his richly deserved retirement.


The Chair in closing the comments also added that Cllr Latty had been Lord Mayor of Leeds in 2018-2019. He knows that Cllr Latty had mixed feels for this position as he had to give up some of his work in the ward. However, he had taken on the role with his customary vigour as with all the work he had done.


Cllr Latty responded by thanking all the Members for their kind words and for a ‘cracking’ 22 years as a Councillor. Although, he did have a word of caution for anyone becoming Lord Mayor, saying that the role was hard work and draining.


The Committee showed their gratitude for Cllr Latty with a round of applause. 





Minutes - 15th November 2021 pdf icon PDF 275 KB

To receive the minutes of the meeting held on 15th November 2021, for approval as a correct record.


Members requested slight amendments to minute 34 Outer North West Community Committee Finance Report. These were to note:

·  That the improved footway provision was at Horsforth and that the funding was to provide overlaying.

·  That funding had not been approved for the playground at Newlaithes as funding had been provided from elsewhere



RESOLVED – That the minutes of the meeting held on 15th November 2021, be approved as a correct record.


Matters arising


In relation to Minute 35 – Climate Emergency Update Members had requested further information in relation to the solar panels at Aireborough Leisure Centre. It was noted that Members had not received this.


Open Forum

In accordance with Paragraphs 4.16 and 4.17 of the Community Committee Procedure Rules, at the discretion of the Chair a period of up to 10 minutes may be allocated at each ordinary meeting for members of the public to make representations or to ask questions on matters within the terms of reference of the Community Committee. This period of time may be extended at the discretion of the Chair. No member of the public shall speak for more than three minutes in the Open Forum, except by permission of the Chair.


On this occasion there were four members of the public in attendance at the meeting, three of whom wished to address the Community Committee.


In accordance with Paragraphs 4.16 and 4.17 of the Community Committee Procedure Rules the Chair invited them to speak.


Mr Clive Woods spoke of his concerns in relation to the A65 specifically the congestion at Horsforth roundabout which led to queuing traffic. He informed the Committee that he had raised his concerns in November 2017 at a meeting where the Chief Officer for Highways had been attending. He was advised at that meeting that the new signalling system would improve the traffic flow. However, this had not been the case with standing traffic and buses still an issue on this section of road.


He has been made aware of a proposal for a new scheme which aims to improve traffic flow towards Rodley roundabout and includes widening to footpaths on this stretch of road for pedestrians.


Mr Woods was of the view that this proposed scheme would not improve matters but could make them worse. He requested that the Community Committee undertake a survey for the A65. He said that he had suffered years of frustration and now uses his car much more than the buses, as the buses are unreliable.


Cllr Taylor responded saying that the Members did not disagree with the issues raised on this section of road. However, Members had been contacted by Highways in relation to the new proposals. It was the aim that improvements would alleviate traffic from Horsforth to Rodley, thereby improving the flow of traffic round the roundabout.


The Chair invited Mr Woods to attend the next meeting of the Transport sub-group where officers from Highways would be in attendance to address the issues he had raised.


Dr David Ingham spoke to the Committee in relation to his concerns about double parking on New Road Side between the JCT roundabout and the crossroads which was causing a hazard.


Dr Ingham also raised concerns in relation to the usage of Apperley Lane which he said had increased six-fold. He had been requested by businesses in the area to look into this and to request a pedestrian crossing for this area.


The Community Committee advised Dr Ingham that he would need to email Highways with his request for a pedestrian crossing. Dr Ingham was also invited to the next Transport sub-group meeting.


Cllr Latty said that he would be supportive of a crossing in the area.


Mr Robert Turner addressed the Community Committee to raise his concerns in relation to Park Road. He said that the congestion on Park Road was getting worse by the month. Air quality measurements were showing dangerous pollution levels at around 40ppm of NO2 which is considered high for residential areas.


He said that getting out of junctions onto Park Road was getting difficult with the junction at Old Hollins Hill particularly perilous at times.


Mr Turner also raised the issue that the ‘Keep Clear’ road  ...  view the full minutes text for item 46.


Outer North West Community Committee Finance Update Report pdf icon PDF 494 KB

The report of the Head of Locality Partnerships provides the Community Committee with an update on the budget position for the Wellbeing Fund, Youth Activity Fund, Capital Budget, as well as the Community Infrastructure Levy Budget for 2021/22.

Additional documents:


Prior to the start of this item, Cllr Collins thanked the Outer North West Locality Officer for his work in ensuring that the tyres were removed from the beck in Horsforth.


The report of the Head of Locality Partnerships provided the Community Committee with an update on the budget position for the Wellbeing Fund, Youth Activity Fund, Capital Budget, as well as the Community Infrastructure Levy Budget for 2021/22.


Members were informed of the following points:

·  The remaining balance of the Wellbeing Fund is £67,777.89. Members were advised that Adel & Wharfedale have £13,465.75, Guiseley & Rawdon have £7,195.47, Horsforth have £4,706.38 and Otley & Yeadon have £42,410.29 available to spend. Table 1 of the submitted report showed a breakdown of projects funded. A proposal to return £1,500 from the Horsforth small grant and skips budget back to the Horsforth Wellbeing Balance was approved.

·  Members were requested to consider the following projects:



Ward covered



New club house and court resurfacing

Bramhope Lawn Tennis Club

Adel & Wharfedale



Refurbishment of outdoor fixed cricket nets

Pool Cricket Club

Adel & Wharfedale



War Memorial / Cenotaph Refurbishment

Pool-in-Wharfedale Parish Council

Adel & Wharfedale


Approved to be taken from 2022-23 budget

Guiseley Theatre new lighting

Guiseley Theatre CIC

Guiseley & Rawdon


Approved in principle prior to meeting with the organisation

Site Based Gardener

Parks & Countryside & Cleaner

Guiseley & Rawdon  - £7,917.60

Horsforth - £6,196.40


Guiseley & Rawdon Approved in Principle but requested a meeting with Parks and Countryside

Horsforth - Declined

Nunroyd Park – Cricket Ground and park spectator/ seating area

Green Lane Cricket Club

Guiseley & Rawdon


Approved – plus condition that the seats remained out for all users of the park

Global CPAD Campaign


Public Access Defibrillators UK

Guiseley & Rawdon


Approved funding for 2 locations at Silverdale Avenue and Tranmere Park

Guiseley Lights


Guiseley Lights CIC

Guiseley & Rawdon



Community Defibrillators in Guiseley and Rawdon


Communities Team (Ringfence)

Guiseley & Rawdon



Summer Bands in Leeds Parks 2022


Leeds International Concert Season

(£975 Guiseley and Rawdon ) & (£650 Otley and Yeadon)



Otley and Yeadon CCTV for 2021/22



Otley and Yeadon



Horsforth CCTV for 2021/22






·  Since the last meeting on 15 November 2021 the following projects have been considered and approved by DDN:

o  Jungle Kids Christmas Camp £1,020.00

o  Friday Night Live £4,590.00

o  Poetry Workshops in Ralph Thoresby School £600.00

o  Summer Holiday Camps £1,793.50

·  At the Chairs discretion a further two applications were tabled for Member’s consideration.  Members agreed that the following projects be approved by Delegated Decision Notice after the meeting:






Construction of Arthington Cricket Pavilion

Arthington Cricket Club

Adel & Wharfedale

£30,000 (Proposing £6,065 to come out of capital and £23,935 to come out of wellbeing 2022/23 budget)

Approved by DDN

Toilet Refurbishment with Disabled Toilet

Pool Sports and Social Club

Adel & Wharfedale

£5,000 (Proposing £5,000 to come out of capital)

Approved by DDN


·  There is a remaining balance of £25,509.24  ...  view the full minutes text for item 47.


Outer North West Community Committee Update Report pdf icon PDF 671 KB

The report of the Head of Locality Partnerships brings to members’ attention an update of the work which the Communities Team is engaged in, based on priorities identified by the Community Committee. It also provides opportunities for further questioning, or to request a more detailed report on a particular issue.

Additional documents:


The report of the Head of Locality Partnerships updated the Community Committee of the work which the Communities Team is engaged in, based on priorities identified by the Community Committee. It also provided opportunity for further questioning, or to request a more detailed report on a particular



Updates were provided by the Community Committee Champions:

Children and Families – Cllr Flynn had submitted a briefing note for the update report but had left the meeting prior to this item. Therefore, Cllr Lay advised the Community Committee that the sub-group had met earlier in the day to discuss Youth Activity Projects for 2022/23. He advised the Committee that the criteria for the Youth Activities Fund had changed. It was the view of the Committee that Youth Activity Fund was for universal projects, and they were concerned that projects that provided targeted work with vulnerable children could not apply. He suggested that the Chair may wished to raise a concern at the Community Chairs Forum that there was now a gap in provision for vulnerable children with funding aimed at targeted projects. It was also noted that the age range means that some organisations are unable to access Youth Activity Funding.


Members also discussed the need for monitoring of projects before more funding is provided to organisation who have requested funding previously. Members suggested that where a request for funding was over £5,000 that the organisation should meet in person to discuss proposed projects.


Environment and Community Safety – Cllr B Anderson advised the Committee that discussions had taken place with Parks and Countryside about budget changes and the promotion of the officer within that section. It was not known who would replace him. It was noted that the Council now seemed to be getting back to normal working.


Excellent information had been provided in relation to gullies in this area and the officer was aware of all issues.


He had met with the local Inspector to discuss community safety. A briefing was to be arranged with Leedswatch to provide information in relation to the work that they do.


Transport – Cllr Wadsworth informed the Community Committee that the Transport sub-group had met on 25th February 2022, with WYCA in attendance. They had discussed at length the issue of public transport not only for the Outer North West area but on a city-wide scale. Concerns had been raised in relation to First Bus especially around funding.


The group had also discussed park and ride including proposals for the one at the airport.


Health, Wellbeing and Adult Social Care – Cllr Latty had nothing to report.


Employment and Skills – Cllr Downes, acknowledged that a lengthy update had been provided as part of the submitted report. It provided information in relation to Universal Credit, impact of covid on the hospitality and health and social care sectors. It was suggested that Cllr Downes call a meeting of the sub-group with one Member from each ward attending to discuss the update report.


Richard  ...  view the full minutes text for item 48.


Dates, Times and Venue Report pdf icon PDF 455 KB

The report of the City Solicitor is to request Members to give consideration to agreeing the proposed Community Committee meeting schedule for the 2022/2023 municipal year.



The City Solicitor submitted a report requesting Member’s consideration on proposed dates and times for the Outer West Community Committee for municipal 2022 – 2023.


Members were informed that the proposed dates were set out at paragraph 7 of the submitted report. It was noted that the Community Committee currently meets on a Monday at 1:30pm and the dates proposed reflected this pattern.


Members had a brief discussion about the length of time between the November and March meetings but decided to leave them as proposed for now with an option to add another if required.


RESOLVED – To agree the Committee’s meeting schedule for the 2022/23 municipal year as:

·  Monday 27th June 2022 at 1:30pm

·  Monday 12th September 2022 at 1:30pm

·  Monday 14th November 2022 at 1:30pm

·  Monday 6th March 2023 at 1:30pm