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Outer West Community Committee

This page lists the meetings for Outer West Community Committee.


Information about Outer West Community Committee

Community Committees hold at least four public meetings a year, where ward councillors make decisions about services and priorities for the local area.


Community Committees also host a series of workshops which consider issues that concern you and explore how you can influence decisions on things such as environmental improvements, community safety, health and wellbeing and employment.


Areas covered by this committee are:

·  Calverley and Farsley

·  Farnley and Wortley

·  Pudsey


The committee also allocates funding every year to both community projects and youth activities. Small grants of up to £500 and large grants over £500 are available.


For more information about the committee or details on how to make an application for funding please contact the Communities Team or on the telephone number 0113 3785808.