Agenda item

Matters Arising from the Minutes


a)  Houses in Multiple Occupation (Minute 31(a) refers)

Ryan Platten, Community Planner updated the meeting on developments in respect of proposed changes to HMO legislation. He referred to a meeting which took place on 9th December 2010 between the Chief Planning Officer and ward Members where it was agreed to take an Article 4 Direction report to Executive Board on 5th January 2011. He informed the meeting that should these proposals be agreed, the Council would have new powers to limit the number of new HMOs, subject to a 12 months notice period.


Following a debate, the Area Committee supported this course of action with a request that it should proceed as quickly as possible.


The Chair referred to Dr Richard Tyler’s request for the Area Committee to move a recommendation that fees should be charged for planning applications under Article 4 Directions.


Arising from discussions, the Area Committee agreed to the proposal and the Chair agreed to write a letter to the Chief Planning Officer with an input from the Community Planner.


b)  Royal Park School (Minute 31 (b) refers)

Jason Singh, Acting West North West Area Manager updated the meeting on developments in respect of Royal Park School, together with details of the current security arrangements in place.


Councillor J Illingworth queried why the caretakers house could not be occupied to provide on site security.


Following a debate, the Acting West North West Area Manager agreed to discuss this issue further with the Acting Director of City Development with a view to providing a briefing for Headingley ward Members as soon as possible.


c)  Health and Wellbeing Partnership (Minute 33 (d) refers)

Councillor L Yeadon referred to the Health and Wellbeing Partnership and the implications of the forthcoming Public Health White Paper.


Arising from discussions, it was agreed to request the Acting West North West Area Manager to arrange a seminar on this issue prior to one of the next Area Committee meetings.


d)  Key Messages from Area Committee Sub Groups and Forums

  (Minute 36 refers)

Councillor G Harper referred to his non-attendance at a number of City Centre Plans Panel meetings and explained that this was due to his recent appointment as Lead Member, Development which would have resulted in a conflict in interest. The Committee noted that Councillor N Taggart had now replaced him on the Panel since October 2010.


Councillor J Illingworth referred to the general issue of Sub Group representation and the need for local residents to be invited to attend all Sub Group meetings.


At the request of the Chair, Councillor J Monaghan responded and stated that Sub Groups should have similar public representation as the Planning Sub Group does, but should not be generally open to the public. He referred to the Transport Sub Group which due to its large attendance of residents, worked more like a public forum rather than a Sub Group of the Area Committee.


Arising from discussions, the Chair agreed to leave the issue of inviting members of public to Sub Group meetings at the discretion of the Sub Group Chair’s.