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Application to Vary a Premises Licence held by Clayton Hotel Leeds City Walk, Holbeck, Leeds, LS11 9AT

To receive an application made under section 34 of the Licensing Act 2003 to vary a premises licence in respect of the above mentioned premises.


The Sub Committee heard an application to vary the premises licence held by Clayton Hotel, Leeds City Walk, Holbeck, Leeds, LS11 9AT.


The application was to extend the current hours for the sale of alcohol, provision of live music, provision of performance of dance, provision of anything of similar description from 10:00am to 01:00am every day and for the provision of late night refreshment every day from 11:00pm to 01:00am.


The application had received representations from Scanlans Property Management on behalf of local residents.


Present at the hearing were:


Mr J Quinn and Mr Clark Coates of Crescent Brook – The applicant

Ms Perraton – Licence Holder’s agent

Paul Christopher – Scanlan’s Property Management

Brian Hunt – Local resident


The applicant addressed the Sub-Committee.  Issues highlighted in discussion and further to questions from Members included the following:


That the applicant only took over the hotel last year, and was re-furbishing the hotel with a view to it achieving 4 star status. The hotel was also benefitting from a new management team.


It was highlighted to the Sub Committee that the layout of the ground floor would not be changing despite the re-furbishment.


The hotel wanted to hold wedding receptions and as such needed to be able to play recorded and live music.


Representations had been received from the Environmental Protection Team but these had been withdrawn due to agreement being reached, meaning that no statutory authorities had an objection to the application.


The Sub- Committee were informed that the hotel was taking steps to reduce the amount of noise from residents smoking outside and taxis arriving. More night porters and security staff were being employed and smokers were being encouraged to use the rear of the building. There were also notices about noise at the front of the hotel. Furthermore all staff were being re-trained and more staff will be obtaining personal licences.


Ms Perraton also confirmed that a telephone number will be made available for residents to contact the management of the hotel directly, should they have any issues in relation to noise or anti-social behaviour.


Members asked questions about the noise from residents returning to the hotel late at night and smoking outside the hotel and how this could be addressed. Members were informed about the increase in trained night staff and the greater emphasis being placed on getting people to leave and return to the hotel quietly.


The Sub-Committee heard from the objectors Mr Christopher of Scanlan’s Property Management and Mr Hunt a local resident. They explained the issues of noise and anti-social behaviour associated with residents of the hotel over the last few years. The Sub Committee were informed that large numbers of stag and hen do’s base themselves at the hotel creating a lot of noise late into the night. They acknowledged that issues do get resolved by the hotel but that often management can be dismissive of residents’ complaints.


The Sub Committee heard that West Yorkshire Police had been contacted about the noise and anti-social behaviour.


Mr Hunt explained the difficulties he has had over the years with the management of the hotel. He highlighted the number of children and families that live nearby and the detrimental effect noise from the hotel had on their sleep.


Members asked if there had been any improvement in the situation since the hotel had come under new ownership. Mr Hunt stated there had been no change but that he would welcome the hotel’s efforts to ensure guests did not smoke outside the front of the hotel. Members asked about the level of involvement of the Police with regards to the noise and antisocial behaviour and the number of residents that had complained about the hotel. It was confirmed the Police had been aware of issues over the years but that the hotel and Mr Hunt were unaware of other resident complaints.  Mr Hunt accepted that although he had complained to the Police in the past, he had not done so in the last 12 months.



The Sub-Committee carefully considered the application and objections.  They fully understood and respected the concerns raised by the local residents and the property management company.  Having considered the information provided by the Applicant, the Sub-Committee could see no reason why granting the Application would be likely to impact on the licensing objectives.



RESOLVED - That the application be granted as applied for.

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