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Sustainability and Transformation Plan Update

To consider the report of the Chief Operating Officer, Leeds South and East CCG, which provides an overview of the development of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan for Leeds and seeks endorsement of the proposed approach and approval of the key areas of focus.


(Report attached)


Matt Ward, Chief Operating Officer, Leeds South and East CCG, presented a report which provided the Board with an overview of the development of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP), including the relationship between the Leeds STP and the West Yorkshire STP.


The report sought support for the approach undertaken to develop the Leeds STP as well as the key areas to be developed April to June 2016. The priorities, ambitions and technical detail on how the outcomes will support the Leeds Health and Wellbeing Strategy were highlighted along with the following matters:

-  The focus of the West Yorkshire STP on urgent and emergency care, cancer, mental health and specialised services

-  Funding and resource commitments were considered to better understand how individual health care providers could work together in partnership

-  The emphasis on an enhanced social contract; prevention and rapid response in a time of crisis; efficient and effective secondary care; innovation, education and research

-  The development of a consultation plan


It was also noted that key points from the Health and Wellbeing Board workshop held on 17th March 2016 had informed and shaped the STP.


During discussions, the Board made the following comments:

·  Acknowledged that it was crucial to encourage individual organisations to work together and have regard to all partners to ensure delivery of services in the light of  the financial constraints

·  Support was expressed for the key themes of the STP

·  How the Leeds STP integrated with the wider West Yorkshire STP was seen as a key issue

·  Recognition for the work undertaken to establish public consultation on the Plan and the comments made in respect of providing the public with unambiguous information on resources and what they can expect from a diminished public purse

·  Recognition of the role that Leeds Healthwatch will play in the consultation/engagement process

·  Recognised that the role of the members of the Third Sector as a key partner organisations and solution providers should be emphasised within the STP. The recent establishment of the Third Sector Forum was noted and Heather O’Donnell, Third Sector representative, extended an offer to work on the further development of the STP.


In conclusion, the Board welcomed the links and integration between the developing STP and the Leeds Health and Wellbeing Strategy. The Board also expressed thanks to the team developing the STP for the volume of work undertaken already, particularly recognising the work done to reflect the Board’s desire expressed at the January 2016 meeting to create a Leeds specific STP.


a)  That the approach described within this paper for the development of the STP be endorsed by the Board;

b)  That approval be given to the key areas of focus identified in this report as the ones that the Leeds STP will focus on and will support the delivery of the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy;

c)  That support be given by the Board to ensure that staff and resources from the organisations represented by the Board are made available to support the development and implementation of the STP;

d)  To note that the draft STP will be made available for review and comment by the Health and Wellbeing Board in June 2016 prior to its submission to NHS England on 30 June 2016.


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