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Future in Mind Leeds - A Strategy to Improve the Social, Emotional and Mental Health and Wellbeing of Children and Young People aged 0-25 years

To consider a report which sets out the shared and ambitious strategy to transform how support is offered and improvements can be made to the emotional and mental health of children and young people and therefore, ultimately impact on the wellbeing of all the population.


The report references Future in Mind: Leeds (attached as Appendix 1) - a single overarching strategy - underpinned by the Future in Mind: Leeds Local Transformation Plan (Appendix 2).


Jane Mischenko, NHS Leeds CCG’s, and Anne Scarborough, LCC Children’s Services, presented a report which set out the Board’s shared and ambitious strategy to transform, support and improve the emotional and mental health of Leeds’ children and young people and therefore, ultimately impact on the wellbeing of all the population.


The report sought the Board’s support and approval of ‘Future in Mind: Leeds’ (attached as Appendix 1 of the report) which set out an overarching strategy and Leeds’ response to the recommendations from the Department of Health’s publication Future in Mind (2015) and its duties within the Children & Family Act (2014), in terms of the SEND requirements for pupils with Social Emotional and Mental Health needs. This was underpinned by the Future in Mind: Leeds Local Transformation Plan (included as Appendix 2). It was noted that NHS England required the Future in Mind: Leeds strategy to be published on the three NHS Leeds CCGs and LCC websites by the end of October 2016.


It was reported that children and young people had assisted in the development of the plan and had particularly identified the need for a ‘single point of access’ to services. The Plan focussed on prevention and working together, recognising that early support was critical to making a difference to adult life.


It was noted that the Future in Mind approach was relatively new with national guidance expected shortly; however Leeds had taken this approach for some time. The Executive Member for Children and Families expressed her thanks to the team who had led the service this far. Leeds was the only LA pursuing this approach which included:

·  Three new £45m world class special schools developed within Leeds to ensure provision for Leeds children within the city. The reduced travelling times will also benefit their learning

·  A review of Targeted Services and how transition occurs as children and young people transfer between services

·  Recognition and value of focussing on the workforce; future difficulties can be prevented if front-line staff get it right first time; and they can also pass on their expertise to others


The Board welcomed the strong partnership approach taken and noted the huge demand for services and support. Discussions identified the following key issues:

·  Consultation with children and young people revealed that Mental Health and Wellbeing was their No.1 priority and also a priority for school head teachers. Additionally, anxiety and depression was recorded at 25% in girls and young women.

·  A national pilot – Children’s Outcomes Consortium – would measure the success of this approach. Additionally, a dashboard was being developed having regard to the national standards set by NHS England


Discussion identified the role of the HWB as being to ensure that the work outlined in the report was delivered. The Board also agreed a suggestion for PEG to consider how HWB continues this work


a)  To support, approve and champion the Future in Mind: Leeds strategy and underpinning Local Transformation Plan (LTP), noting that the refresh of the Leeds LTP has to be published on NHS Leeds CCGs and council websites by the end of October 2016 (NHS England requirement).

b)  To recognise and share the achievements to date (detailed in the plan), progressed in the first years of the Future in Mind LTP funding allocations.

c)  To endorse how the child and young person’s voice has been integral in developing the priority work-streams and going forward is embedded in the co-production of their delivery.

d)  To note the contents of the discussions on how the Board will support the delivery of the vision, the strategy and underpinning plan.

e)  To receive regular updates on progress


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