Agenda item

Establishment of Committees and Appointments

a)  That Committees having Terms of Reference as detailed in Schedule 8(a) be established.



b)  That appointments be made to the Committees as detailed in Schedules 8 (b) (i), (ii) ,(iii) (to follow)and (iv).



c)  That Chairs be appointed as detailed in Schedule 8(c) (to follow).



d)  That Chairs be appointed in respect of Community Committees as detailed in Schedule 8(d) (to follow).



e)  That appointments be made to joint authorities and joint committees as detailed in Schedule 8(e) (to follow).



f)  That appointments and nominations be made to the West Yorkshire Combined Authority as detailed in Schedule 8(f) (to follow).


It was moved by Councillor Ogilvie seconded by Councillor Harland and


RESOLVED –That Schedules 8(a) to (c) and Schedules 8(e) and (f) be approved and that the City Solicitor be authorised, in consultation with appropriate Whips, to change appointments made during the period between this meeting and the next ordinary meeting of Council.

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