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Annual Refresh of the Future in Mind:Leeds Local Transformation Plan for Children and Young People's Mental Health and Wellbeing

To consider the joint report of the Director of Commissioning NHS Leeds CCGs Partnership and LCC Director of Children & Families, on the refresh of the ‘Future in Mind: Leeds Local Transformation Plan’ which sets out the achievements to date and the next steps in the delivery of the vision and strategy. The report highlights the vision to develop a culture where talking about feelings and emotions is the norm, where it is acceptable to acknowledge difficulties and ask for help and where those with more serious problems are quickly supported by people with the skills to support those needs.


Jane Mischenko presented the report of the Director of Commissioning, NHS Leeds CCGs Partnership and the LCC Director of Children & Families on the refresh of the ‘Future in Mind: Leeds Local Transformation Plan’. A copy of the Plan was attached as Appendix 1 of the report. The Plan is required to be refreshed on annual basis by NHS England.


The report set out the achievements to date and the next steps in the delivery of the ambitious strategy to transform; support and improve the emotional and mental health of Leeds’ children and young people with the ultimate aim of improving the wellbeing of all the population.


In presenting the report, Jane highlighted that all the progress made had been driven by young people and particularly, the “Quick Guide To” had been written by children and young people themselves. The priorities for 2018/19 were outlined in the report with a key issue being for children and young people in mental health crisis to receive parity of treatment with adults – currently treatment relies on referrals triggered by a young person attending Accident & Emergency, or through police involvement.


Councillor Mulherin, Executive Member with responsibility for Children and Families, reiterated how the work done so far showed the strength of the partnerships in Leeds seeking to improve services for children and young people, it was important to note that half of Leeds schools had signed up to the ‘MindMate’ wellbeing service and that talking about mental health in school was supported an age appropriate way.


The Board welcomed the report and discussed the following:

·  The importance of ensuring parents and siblings of young people with mental health issues were supportive – it was noted that the MindMate website did contain information for adults

·  Acknowledged the challenges of engaging with some difficult to reach communities

·  Commented that children and young people’s mental health was not included in the current HWBS as a specific issue

·  Whether the health and care service sector had the equivalent of the “make every contact count” approach

·  Acknowledged that the Plan will link to the early life of the child and the “Best Start Plan” – investment in the 0-2 and 0-5 year groups will secure a better future


The Board noted a comment that General Practice dealt with a fair number of adults who received mental health support for the effects of a childhood event; but had little information on Clusters and how they work and what they do. Parents attended GP sessions with their child to discuss mental health issues which had been identified by their school - who had directed the family to their GP, rather than instigating Cluster involvement. The Director of Children & Families commented that work would be done to consider securing GP representation on the Clusters.


a)  To support, approve and champion the Future in Mind: Leeds strategy and underpinning Local Transformation Plan (LTP). The refresh of our LTP has to be published on NHS Leeds CCGs and council websites by the end of October 2017 (NHSE requirement).

b)  To recognise and share the achievements to date (detailed in the plan), progressed in the first years of the Future in Mind LTP funding allocations.

c)  To endorse how the child and young person’s voice has been integral in developing the priority work-streams and going forward is embedded in the co-production of their delivery.

d)  To note the discussions on how Members of the Board will support the delivery of the vision, the strategy and underpinning plan.


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