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Leeds Transport Conversation update - Public Transport Investment programme (£173.5m), Outer North West update, and Leeds Transport Strategy development

To receive the report of the Chief Officer Highways and Transport  which provides the Community Committee with feedback from the Transport Conversation and specifically the feedback from this committee and community area, as well as a summary of the Leeds wide transport proposals and development of a Leeds Transport Strategy.


(Report attached)


Mr Clive Woods attended the meeting to speak on the report for Leeds Transport Conversation update on the Public Transport Investment Programme (£173.5m), Outer North West update and Leeds Transport Strategy development. At the Chairs discretion Mr Woods was allowed 5 minutes to address the Community Committee. Minute 29 refers.


Mr Woods said that he had addressed the Community Committee about 10 years ago on the issue of transport and specifically the congestion on the A65 and felt that there was still a need for quality bus routes from Outer North West to Leeds. Mr Woods informed Members that bus journey times had increased with Horsforth roundabout being a major cause of travel problems.


Mr Woods said that although WYCA wished to double the bus usage to do so at this time would be difficult due to the layout and congestion on the roads. He was of the opinion that although recent improvements had been made to the Horsforth roundabout he had not seen improvements which benefitted users of public transport.


Mr Woods asked that a full evaluation be undertaken on Horsforth roundabout and on the impact that it has had on bus services.


The Chair thanked Mr Woods for his contribution. 


Gary Bartlett Chief Officer Highways and Transport and Neale Wallace of West Yorkshire Combined Authority presented the Leeds Transport Conversation update on the Public Transport Investment Programme (£173.5m), Outer North West update and Leeds Transport Strategy development.


The Committee heard that 8,000 responses had been received from the Transport Conversation engagement process in the Summer/ Autumn 2016 with 3,006 of those responses from the Outer North West area. The responses indicated that people wished to see both short term and long term improvements to the Leeds transport system. It was noted that people preferred to travel by car as it was thought to be more comfortable, cheaper and easier than public transport.


The Committee was informed that the park and ride at both Elland Road and Temple Green were proving to be successful with other park and ride facilities being planned for the future.


The responses of the public conversation had highlighted that people wished to see improvements on the following:-

·  Cycle and walking facilities

·  Traffic congestion

·  Better connectivity through radial routes

·  Improved traffic systems and timings to ease the flow of traffic in and out of the city centre

·  Airport link road and station

·  A660 Lawnswood roundabout

·  More improvements to Horsforth roundabout

·  Improved train times and parking facilities at train stations


Members were informed that a key issue for the Outer North West was the bus service with the general theme being a reasonable bus service stating that the priority was for the frequency of the services to be improved.


Members heard that more real time bus information with multiple departure displays were to be rolled out across the city.


In response to Members discussions and questions the Committee was advised of the following:-

·  Highways were aware that the recent improvements to Horsforth roundabout had not delivered the journey time savings that had been hoped for and work was currently ongoing to find ways of improving the situation. It was recognised that a more significant improvement scheme would be required.

·  Members were advised of an improvement scheme which would include Horsforth roundabout to Rodley roundabout. Ward Members asked to be briefed about this scheme.

·  To bring to a Transport sub group information in relation to Woodside Quarry, Horsforth in respect of issues raised by Cllr. Collins. The issue related to buses from the housing development to Horsforth Station rather than routed to Kirkstall Station.

·  It had been noted that at point 37 of the submitted report information had been omitted on East of Otley bypass. This information was to be sent to the Ward Members.

·  Officers to look at better access for disabled travellers at Guiseley/ Menston Train Station and the need for more ticket machines on platforms.

·  As part of improvements Otley Bus Station was on the list to look at access and egress issues. It was also to receive real time information screen.


Members also discussed:-

·  Payment methods the use of smart tickets and contactless payment.

·  More evening services required

·  Link road for the airport

·  Improved communication required between Highways and Planning Officers



·  Note the feedback from the Transport Conversation and its input into the £173.5m public

transport improvements and informing a wider transport strategy for the City and the Outer North West area over the next 20 years.

·  To note the overall progression of Leeds Transport and LPTIP Schemes in Leeds overall.

·  To note progression of the major transport schemes within the Outer North West Area.

·  To provide feedback to the West Yorkshire Combined Authority on the proposals for the Transport Hubs and network proposals.

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