Agenda item

Inner South Community Committee Delegated Budget

To consider the report of the Area Leader setting out the delegated budget position for the Community Committee and inviting Members to consider the wellbeing applications submitted.


The Area Leader submitted a report which presented the delegated budget position for the Community Committee and invited Members to consider the wellbeing applications that had been submitted.


A CIL Guide for Parish and Town Councils and Community Committees was appended to the report.


The following were in attendance:


-  Martin Dean, Area Leader, Communities and Environment

-  Lyn Bambury, Localities Officer, Communities and Environment


In regards to the CIL Neighbourhood Fund Balance, the Chair requested that a private meeting be held with all Members to set out a way forward for distribution of funds delegated to the Committee, and to discuss the Council’s approach to use of centralised CIL funds, which Members heard had mostly been used to relieve school pressures.


Project Title


Amount requested from Wellbeing Budget


Cross Flatts Lantern Festival (Friday 14th December)

Hunslet & Riverside (£750), Beeston & Holbeck (£750)

£1500 (Revenue)


Metal Fence and Gates for Springfield Place

Hunslet & Riverside 

£6434.44 (Capital)


Leeds Little Free Library

Middleton Park 

£1,000.00 (Capital)

Approved, subject to safety checks of premises to be carried out by the Localities team

3 x Speed Indicatordevices (SIDs) 

Beeston & Holbeck

£6220.00 (Capital), £3110 (Revenue).


Illumination of the ‘Welcome to Hunslet Carr’ Sign and future WWI Centenary


Hunslet & Riverside

£2,100.00 (Capital)



In relation to the above applications, Members discussed a number of matters:


·  Concerns around safeguarding for the Leeds Little Free Libraries across the city, as Members heard that residential properties were used to host the activities. The Chair also suggested that Leeds Little Free Libraries consult with Members regarding the locations of libraries, as to not replicate programme already taking place in some areas.

·  Councillor Nash updated the Board on the current position regarding the funding allocations for the Metal Fence and Gates for Springfield Place. Councillor Nash informed the Board that at the most recent Housing Advisory Panel (HAP) meeting, it was agreed that the HAP would reduce their funding to £1000, and £6434.44 of the Hunslet and Riverside capital funds would be used, as opposed to the figures quoted within the report and in the supplementary information.


In relation to the wellbeing funding provided to South Leeds Life, the Chair requested to a representative present that the Community Committee receive free advertising for future meetings. The representative present agreed to this proposal.


A representative from the Hunslet Club was not present to provide an interim update, however Members were assured by Councillor Groves that the Committee would receive an update at a later date, particularly regarding their targeted work.




a)  That the contents of the report be noted;

b)  That the revenue projects already agreed as listed be noted;

c)  That the Youth Activities fund projects already agreed as listed be noted;

d)  That the capital budgets already agreed as listed be noted;

e)  That the Small Grants projects already agreed as listed be noted;

f)  That the CIL Neighbourhood Fund Balance as listed be noted and a private meeting to discuss matters raised be arranged;

g)  That the Wellbeing applications set out above be approved;

h)  That the projects approved via Delegated Decision be noted;

i)  That an update from the Hunslet Club be provided to the Committee at a future meeting.


Supporting documents: