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Finance Report

To consider the report of the Head of Stronger Communities which provides the Community Committee with an update on the budget position for the Wellbeing Fund, Capital Budget, Youth Activity Fund, as well as the Community Infrastructure Levy Budget for 2019/2020.


(Report attached)


The report of the Head of Stronger Communities provided the Community Committee with an update on the Budget position for the Wellbeing Fund, Youth Activity Fund, Capital Budget, as well as the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) budget for 2019/20.


Members were informed of the following points:

·  Point 16 -  that the Northwest Leeds Country Park & Green Gateway Trial project had been cancelled and the £11,516 had been returned to revenue and £2, 440 returned to capital budget;

·  The remaining balance of the Wellbeing budget is £84, 971. Table 1 of the submitted report presented a full breakdown of the projects;

·  Members were asked to consider projects listed at points 21 – 31 of the report;

·  Youth Activity Fund projects were presented at Table 2 with a total spend of £56,280 and a remaining balance of £2,885;

·  Table 3 presented the small grants and skips that had been approved with a remaining balance of £1,974;

·  Table 4 of the report set out the remaining balance of capital for each ward. It was noted that the balance for Horsforth required amending;

·  Table 5 showed the amount of Community Infrastructure Levy available to spend in each ward.


Cllrs B Anderson and C Anderson briefly vacated the room whilst Members considered the application from the Adel War Memorial Association. Minute 17 refers.


Cllr. Campbell declared a non-pecuniary interest in point 25 of the submitted report as he is on the New Yeadon Christmas Lights Committee. He took no part in the consideration of this project.


The Community Committee requested that a letter be sent to Safer Leeds to highlight the Community Committees’ view that CCTV should be a central function and not paid for by the Community Committee.


Members requested that spend and balance for small grants and skips be broken down into wards in future finance reports.


Horsforth Ward Members raised concerns that work to improve the acoustics in the Horsforth Ballroom had not been undertaken, although, money had been approved some time ago. Members were of the view that a time limit of 4 months should be conditioned in which to make the improvements. Members requested that an update be brought back to the next meeting.



a)  Note the wellbeing budget position;

b)  Approve the following:

Project Title


Ward covered

Amount Approved

Pool-in-Wharfedale  Community Website

Pool E-News

Adel & Wharfedale


AWMA Refurbishment and Electricals Upgrade Project 2019

Adel War Memorial Association

Adel & Wharfedale


Yeadon Christmas Lights

The new Yeadon Christmas Lights Committee

Otley & Yeadon


Otley & Yeadon CCTV 2019/20

Safer Leeds

Otley & Yeadon


Small Grants and skips 2019/20

Communities Team

Otley & Yeadon


Bramhope Village Hall Project Phoenix Phase 2

Bramhope Village Hall

Adel & Wharfedale

£9,200 for heating costs

Clubhouse alterations and improvements

Rawdon Cricket Club

Guiseley & Rawdon


Horsforth Hall Park – New Play Equipment

Parks & Countryside


£21,215 Condition imposed for money to be spent within 6 months

Extension of play space (Multi-use games area)

Guiseley Primary School

Guiseley & Rawdon



Defer the following:

Project Title



Guiseley Festive Lights 2019/20

Leeds Lights

Guiseley & Rawdon

Horsforth CCTV 2019/20

Safer Leeds



c)  Note any projects approved by delegated decision;

d)  Note Youth Activities Fund (YAF) position

e)  Note the Small Grants Budget

f)  Note the Community Skips Budget

g)  Note the Capital Budget

h)  Note the Community Infrastructure Levy budget (CIL)




Supporting documents: