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West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership - Draft 5-Year Strategy

To consider a report from Leeds City Council’s Head of Democratic Services introducing the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership’s draft 5-Year Strategy and accompanying Partnership Board report (considered on 3 September 2019).




The Joint Committee received a report from West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership presenting the first iteration of the Draft Five Year Strategy as considered by the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership Board meeting on 3rd September 2019.


The following were in attendance to present the report; outline the outcome of discussions at the Partnership Board; and contribute to discussions:

·  Councillor Tim Swift – Chair, West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership Board.

·  Rob Webster – Chief Executive Officer Lead for West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership.

·  Ian Holmes – Director, West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership.

·  Hannah Davies – Chief Executive, Healthwatch Leeds (representing West Yorkshire Healthwatch).


In presenting the report, the following matters were reported:


-  Development of the 5 Year Strategy would satisfy the requirement of the NHS Long Term Plan Implementation Framework for Local Health and Care Partnerships to agree a plan for delivery through to 2023/24

-  The draft Strategy incorporated updated priorities; building on the existing work of the Partnership and also incorporated a first draft of two new priorities - improving population health; and children, young people and families.

-  The timeframe for consultation, including engagement with Health and Wellbeing Boards during autumn 2019; presentation to NHS England on 27th September 2019 and expected publication date in December 2019.

-  The importance of local places and their individual local plans

-  The role of Healthwatch in the development of the Strategy

-  The need to address issues raised during the consultation, including the importance of prevention; population health management and addressing matters that lead to health inequalities


The Joint Committee considered and discussed a range of matters regarding the draft Strategy and its development, including:


·  The need for the draft Strategy to better reflect the balance of service delivery between the Health Service, the Local Authority and Care givers; as such the role of local government and community care should be strengthened in the Strategy narrative.

·  When addressing the first section of the NHS Long Term Plan on primary care networks, the Strategy should reflect community care and in doing so, recognise the shortage of community care teams to provide 24 hour care, including Community Health and District Nursing staff. Where proposed service changes or developments are likely (such as development of Urgent Treatment Centres or revising entry points into unplanned care) the Strategy should seek to identify likely timescales, including when proposals will be available for engagement / consultation with relevant Scrutiny Boards and/or the Joint Committee. Concern that the report and presentation contained little information on the outcome of the discussions of the Partnership Board’s consideration of the draft Strategy at its meeting on 3rd September 2019.  The Joint Committee was advised that the Partnership Board sought more emphasis on prevention work and the role of social care in the delivery of the Strategy.

·  The role and costs of external consultants involved in the development of the Strategy.  The Joint Committee received assurance that, although Optum supported Leeds in its development of a population health management system, each of the 6 places within the Partnership would develop its own local system. It was confirmed that Optum had played no part in the development of the draft 5 Year Strategy.

·  Concern that the Strategy placed significant emphasis on the Third Sector/community networks and social prescribing, while these were not universally or consistently developed across the Partnership. The need to ensure services were located in areas of need and were accessible by public transport.  The Joint Committee received assurance that current transport routes and the financial impact of accessing services across the WYH HCP footprint were being considered with partners.

·  The likely role of the “Hospitals Working Together” programme which provides opportunities for hospitals and Trusts to share staff to strengthen services and direct support to where specific pressures exist across the Partnership footprint, rather than hospitals and service providers competing to provide services.

·  The need for communication and engagement to be accessible for all, with one Member reporting they had not been aware of any public consultation conducted in Wakefield. The Joint Committee sought confirmation of the consultation and engagement undertaken at local level, including any specific care providers, alongside evidence of engagement with patients/care recipients.


The Joint Committee also highlighted the following specific matters where members felt more detail or greater emphasis was needed within the draft Strategy:

·  The management of pathways into care.

·  In respect of the children and young people priority – health visitors and the school nursing service to be included.

·  The ambition for all children and young people to be able to access mental health support by 2023/24 was not ambitious enough.

·  How the Strategy could help address the inequality of service provision across the Partnership’s footprint.

·  Where specific targeted services and good practice has been identified and will be rolled out across the Partnership (for example, targeted autism services in Wakefield).

·  Greater consistency in identifying and distinguishing between matters as “innovations” or as “business as usual”.

·  End of life care



a)  To note the contents of the report and the discussions held at the meeting.


b)  To note the requests for the Joint Committee to receive further information on the matters identified during discussions in due course.


c)  To receive a report to the 19th November 2019 meeting of the Joint Committee, providing the latest iteration of the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership Board: Draft Five Year Strategy.


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