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Outer North West - Update Report

The report of the Head of Stronger Communities brings to members’ attention an update of the work which the Communities Team is engaged in, based on priorities identified by the Community Committee. It also provides opportunities for further questioning, or to request a more detailed report on a particular issue.

This report provides regular updates on some of the key activities between Community Committee meetings and functions delegated to Community Committees, Community Champions roles, community engagement, partnership and locality working.


(Report attached)


The Report of the Head of Stronger Communities updated the Community Committee on the work which the Communities Team is engaged in, based on the priorities identified by the Community Committee.


The Community Committee Champions provided the following verbal updates on the themes:

·  Cllr. Latty the Children and Families Champion informed the Community Committee that the Youth Summit had now been booked and is due to take place on 11th February 2020, in the Civic Hall. The children will be having their lunch in Rosebowl. The agenda for the event will include an item on Climate Emergency, and a question and answer session with the Lord Mayor. Cllr. Latty urged Members to attend.

·  Cllr Anderson the Environment and Community Safety Champion informed the Committee:

o   That he was in the process of arranging a full day session which will be split for the morning session to discuss Climate Emergency and the afternoon session to discuss Parks and Countryside issues. This is currently in the planning stages with no date confirmed.

o  The Citizens Jury has reported back and a big issue is the airport with such recommendations as charging those who fly frequently and dependant on income;

o  The Executive Board report in relation to the road in and around the airport will be in the public domain shortly;

o  The Community Committee need to consider how tree planting in the Outer North West area should be funded;

o  A brief update was provided on the Waste Strategy;

o  Cllr. Peter Gruen to discuss with West Yorkshire Police the need for Councillors to be able to partake in individuals cases within their ward.

·  Cllr. Wadsworth Champion for Transport said that a meeting of the sub group had been arranged for Friday 6th December, it was still to be confirmed who would attend the meeting from Highways. It was noted that there was to be no discussion on the road leading to the airport.

·  Cllr Downes, Skills and Employment Champion has now arranged to meet with the Chief Officer, Skills and Employment once a month and will report back to this Committee;

·  Cllr. Graham Latty said the sub group for Health, Wellbeing and Adult Social Care had not met yet. Cllr. Latty went on to say that he had been attending the meetings of the Local Care Partnerships which were looking at dementia for the Outer North West area. Cllr. Latty also provided an update on the CAREVIEW APP which this Community Committee had helped to produce was now being used city-wide.


A brief update on housing matters and universal credit was provided to the Committee by the Housing Manager for the area. It was noted that estate walkabouts usually take place on a quarterly basis. Members should be being made aware of the walkabouts and provided with a list of issues.


Members were advised that at the Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Board, it had been confirmed that the urgent treatment centre would be opening in December 2019, at Airedale and Wharfedale Hospital. Members requested that the CCG be invited to the next meeting in March to talk about the new treatment centre.


The Communities officer highlighted appendix 1 of the submitted report which provided the Members with information on their Facebook page.


RESOLVED – To note the content of the report.





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