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Finance Report

To receive the report of the Head of Stronger Communities which provides the Community Committee with an update on the budget position for the Wellbeing Fund, Youth Activity Fund, Capital Budget, as well as the Community Infrastructure Levy Budget for 2019/2020.


(Report attached)


The report of the Head of Stronger Communities provided the Community Committee with an update on the budget position for the Wellbeing Fund, Youth Activity Fund, Capital Budget, as well as the Community Infrastructure Levy Budget for 2019/2020.


Members’ attention was drawn to paragraph 16 which provided a breakdown of CIL money given to the town and parish councils in the Outer North West area. This information had been requested by Members at the previous meeting held on 2nd December 2019.


Members noted the figures presented. However, they were of the opinion that the figures may not be correct and requested a breakdown of each development and the amount each parish had received. The Members wanted the figures to be correct, they also wished to make a formal complaint about the financial information presented to the Committee, as on a number of occasions the figures had been incorrect.


Members were informed of the following points:

·  Table 1 provided the remaining balance for Wellbeing Fund £48,572.46;

·  Paragraph 22 presented an application for a Site Based Gardener for 2020-2021;

·  Paragraph 23 presented an application for Money Buddies. For this application a member of the charity was in attendance at the meeting at the request of the Members to answer questions. Responding to questions the Committee were informed;

o  Money Buddies for this area is located at the Otley Hub, although if required could have scheduled changes of location. Support is also provided over the telephone and there are 20 sites across the city;

o  Most of the issues from the Otley area request assistance in switching energy suppliers and help with debt;

o  50% of users of this service were from LS16 area and 33% from LS21 postcode with less than 5% from the Horsforth area. Although it was noted that Horsforth users could be accessing the service a Hawksworth Wood which is closer;

o  The charity currently receives funding from the Lottery for 5 years, other Community Committees, and Housing Advisory Panel. It was noted that the Lottery funding was coming to end and the charity had been asked to re-submit an application;

o  The new application to the Lottery fund would include assessment of benefit claims with a hope to begin this service next year;

o  Members requested a breakdown of those who used the service across the city.

·  Paragraph 24 Period Poverty – at the previous meeting Members had requested that an officer attend to provide them with more information. Members were advised of the following;

o   The packets are currently unbranded but will soon carry a picture designed by a young person as part of a competition run by Children’s Services. The packages will also carry a small LCC logo and advice line numbers and the Child Friendly logo. Members raised their concerns that the LCC logo may cause a stigma;

o  Currently period products are in 40 venues across the city. Members requested a list of venues where the products are supplied. The products are monitored by a Member of staff who tops up the products. Currently venues are on average using 2 boxes per month;

o  Members raised concerns that this project had not been included in the Council’s Budget for next year and were of the view that it would not be sustainable as Community Committees were not in the practice of continually funding single projects;

o  Analysis to be undertaken to assess how successful the scheme has been.

·  Members considered all the information contained within the supplementary information which included two Wellbeing fund projects; 1) A summer camp at Horsforth;

2) Community Kitchen and Community meeting room development at Rawdon Library

·  Also considered were the following Youth Activities Fund projects:

o  Horsforth Hall Junior Park Run

o  Guiseley Community Summer Activities 2020

o  Series of after-school poetry workshops based at Ralph Thoresby

o  West Leeds Activity Centre Outer North West area Activity Programme for 20/21

o  Mini Breeze in Otley and Yeadon Ward

o  Rhinos Roar

·  Members were advised of 1 Delegated Decision Notice which had been approved since the last meeting and was the Outer North West Children’s Voice Event;

·  Paragraph 33 provided monitoring information on a project funded by the Committee regarding the Pool–in-Wharfedale website.


RESOLVED – To note:

a)  Details of the Wellbeing Budget position (Table 1)

b)  Wellbeing proposals for consideration and approval (Paragraphs 20-31 and supplementary information)

c)  Details of the projects approved via delegated decision (paragraph 25)

d)  Monitoring information of its funded projects (paragraph 30-34

e)  Details of the Youth Activities fund (Table 2 and Supplementary information)

f)  Details of Small Grants Budget (Table 3)

g)  Details of the Community Skips Budget (Table 4)

h)  Details of the Capital Budget (Table 5)

i)  Details of the Community Infrastructure Levy Budget (Table 6)


The Committee approved the following:

Wellbeing Fund






Parks & Countryside

Site based gardener




Leeds Money Buddies Bumantofts Community Project

Leeds Money Buddies


(£1,183.25 per ward)


Communities Team Central

Period Poverty

£2,000 (£500 per ward)

Horsforth/ Guiseley & Rawdon/ Otley & Yeadon


Adel & Wharfedale


Horsforth Children’s Service

Summer Camp



Approved £2,950

Rawdon Community Library

Community Kitchen and Community Meeting Room development


Guiseley & Rawdon

Approved £7579.50


Youth Activities Fund





Approved /Deferred/Declined

Horsforth Hall Junior Park Run

Park run



Guiseley Community Summer Activities

Guiseley Community Foundation



Series of after-school poetry workshops based at Ralph Thoresby

Headingley LitFest



West Leeds Activity Centre Outer North West area Activity programme for 20/21

West Leeds Activity Centre



Mini Breeze in Otley and Yeadon Ward

The Breeze Projects and Events Team

£3, 600


Rhinos Roar

Leeds Rhinos Foundation



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