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Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic - Response and Recovery Plan

To consider the report of the Chief Executive providing an update on the actions of the Leeds Health and Social Care system and Leeds City Council, working with broader partners, in response to and facilitating the recovery from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


(Report to follow)


Further to Minute No. 170, 19th May 2020, the Chief Executive submitted a report which provided an update on the continued coronavirus (COVID-19) related work across the city being driven by the response and recovery plan, which aimed to mitigate the effects of the outbreak on those in the city, especially the most vulnerable, and prepare for the longer term planning of stages of recovery including local outbreak planning.  The report highlighted how the city’s multi-agency command and control arrangements continued to be used, which had been updated to reflect local outbreak management arrangements for Leeds, and also provided information on the organisational issues which were being faced by the Council arising from the pandemic.


With the agreement of the Chair, the submitted report had been circulated to Board Members as a late item of business prior to the meeting for the reasons as set out in section 10.1 of the submitted report, and as detailed in Minute No. 2.


In introducing the submitted report and providing an update on the current position, the Leader, on behalf of the Board, extended her thanks to all of those involved in the continued delivery of statutory services across the city and also the delivery of those actions which were in response to the pandemic. Linked to this, the key role being played by Local Authorities throughout the pandemic, as highlighted earlier in the meeting was reiterated.


In addition, Members paid tribute to the work being undertaken at a national level by the Chief Executive, Tom Riordan, as part of the Government’s ongoing test and trace programme.


The Board received an update from the Chief Executive on the key aspects of the work which continued to be undertaken in respect of planning for the control and management of any Coronavirus outbreaks, how such work was being co-ordinated at a local and regional level and how this fed into the national strategy, with details also being provided on how the newly established Leeds Outbreak Control Board fitted within existing governance arrangements.


Responding to an enquiry, the Board received further information and assurance on the close liaison which continued to take place with neighbouring Authorities regarding the control and management of localised outbreaks, to facilitate a more regionalised approach, where appropriate.


A Member highlighted the need, moving forward, to build upon the partnership working which had been developed throughout the pandemic, and the importance of looking to harness the effectiveness of local communities working together which had been a key part of the local response. Linked to this, Members highlighted how an effective communications strategy from a national to a local level continued to be fundamental to the successful management of outbreaks as restrictions began to be relaxed, with the role of Ward Councillors in helping to deliver such communications within communities being highlighted.



(a)  That the updated context, the progress being made and the issues being faced as the Council moves through the phases of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, be noted;


(b)  That the submitted report and the comments made in respect of it during the discussion be noted in context with the more detailed report on the financial implications of Coronavirus for the Council, as presented within Minute No. 8;


(c)  That the establishment of the Leeds Outbreak Board and Outbreak Plan to ensure that effective local arrangements are in place and which are linked to national testing and tracing approach, be noted;


(d)  That the continued focus of the collective response on health and wellbeing which recognises the direct health impacts of COVID-19, together with focus upon the emerging social and economic consequences, be noted.

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