Agenda item

Inner South Community Committee - Finance Report

To consider the report of the Head of Locality Partnerships that provides the Community Committee with an update on the budget position for the Wellbeing Fund, Youth Activity Fund, Capital Budget, as well as the Community Infrastructure Levy Budget for 2021/22.


The Head of Locality Partnerships submitted a report that set out the delegated budget position for the Community Committee and invited Members to consider the minimum conditions and the wellbeing applications submitted.


Two further wellbeing applications had been submitted as supplementary information for Members consideration.


Members requested to review and agree the minimum conditions which had previously been approved by the Community Committee. Members were of the view that no revisions were required and agreed the minimum conditions as set out at paragraph 14 of the submitted report.


The projects set out in the report were discussed and agreed as follows:


Project Title


Amount requested


Hunslet & Riverside Blue Grit Bin refills

Hunslet & Riverside

£1,600 (Revenue)


Stourton Park and Ride CCTV Cameras Running Costs

Middleton Park

£4,060 (Revenue)


Hunslet Community Gala

Hunslet & Riverside

£4,080 (Revenue)


Litter Free Beeston

Beeston & Holbeck

£2,055 (CIL)


Beeston Festival

Beeston & Holbeck, (£2,500) Hunslet & Riverside(£2,500)

£5,000 (Revenue)


Holbeck Foodbank

Beeston & Holbeck (£1,500)

Hunslet & Riverside (£1,500)

£3,000 (Revenue)


Hunslet Club Summer Gala

Hunslet & Riverside

£3,000 (Revenue)


Middleton Crescent Gate

Middleton Park

£458.33 (Revenue)


St Luke’s Local Environmental Project

Beeston& Holbeck (£1,261)

Hunslet & Riverside (£1,739)

£3,570 (Revenue)


Monday Evening Project

Beeston & Holbeck (£3,150)

Hunslet & Riverside (£10,350)

Middleton Park (£5,400)

£18,900 (Revenue)


Rolling with Holbeck Moor

Beeston & Holbeck

£1,580 (YAF)



Members were advised of delegated decisions taken since the last Community Committee held on 3rd March. These were set out at paragraph 43 of the submitted report.


Members discussions included:

·  The length of time taken to have grit bins delivered to locations.

·  The need for more information to be provided from organisations to include sustainability of projects, match funding and staffing costs. It was suggested that a working group be formed to discuss the Committees requirements for future funding applications.


It was noted that since the report had been written one project had been declined. The application had been submitted by Leeds United for a project called ‘Fit Minds’.


Members discussed funding for larger organisations and who the funding benefitted. They also discussed how to empower small organisations to apply for funding.


Members were advised that the Localities Team would keep requesting more information on CIL from officers in City Development, particularly where it was known that large developments were due to commence.



a. The Minimum Conditions, were reviewed and agreed (paragraph 14)

b. Noted the proposed Ring Fences (paragraph 22 onwards)

c. Noted the details of the Wellbeing Budget position (Table 1)

d. Wellbeing proposals for consideration and approval as set out above

e. Noted details of the projects approved via Delegated Decision (paragraph 43)

f. Noted monitoring information of its funded projects (paragraph 47 onwards)

g. Noted details of the Youth Activities Fund (YAF) position (Table 2)

h. Noted details of the proposed Small Grants Budget (paragraph 57)

i. Noted details of the proposed Community Skips Budget (paragraph 58)

j. Noted details of the Capital Budget (Table 3)

k. Noted etails of the Community Infrastructure Levy Budget (Table 4)

Supporting documents: