Agenda item

Update on the development of the local Integrated Care System

To consider and discuss a report from the Head of Democratic Services which presents an update on the development of the local Integrated Care System.


The Head of Democratic Services submitted a report to provide an update on the development of the local Integrated Care System.


The Chair reminded everyone that the Director of Adults and Health had provided a report to the Board at its last meeting on 27th July 2021, which summarised the main points of the new Health and Care Bill 2021-22 in context for health and social care in West Yorkshire and Leeds, particularly with regard to the development of the local Integrated Care System (ICS). In considering the next steps and key milestones linked to the development of the ICS, the Scrutiny Board had requested a further update for today’s meeting.


In attendance for this item were:

·  Cllr Salma Arif – Executive Member for Public Health and Active Lifestyles

·  Cllr David Jenkins – Deputy Executive Member

·  Victoria Eaton – Director of Public Health

·  Shona McFarlane – Deputy Director Social Work and Social Care

·  John Tatton - Associate Director of Network Development, NHS Leeds CCG


The update was provided in the form of a PowerPoint presentation during the meeting and included the following information:

·  Summary of main changes – the Board was reminded that the existing CCG will cease to exist and be replaced by an Integrated Care System which will be made up of an Integrated Care Partnership, an Integrated Care Board and Place Based Partnerships (PBP’s)

·  It was highlighted that the West Yorkshire ICS Partnership was also holding a meeting on 7th September to consider a progress update report.  This report had been shared with Scrutiny Board Members too.

·  It was highlighted that the appointment of ICS Chair and Chief Executive would take place during September/ early October.  Approximate timings were also shared in relation to the ongoing development and consultation surrounding the ICS constitution.

·  A Leeds PBP Development Board is in place. Linked to this, it was recognised that Leeds already works well as a place-based partnership under the Health and Wellbeing Board. An effective Leeds PBP would become accountable for funding normally allocated to CCGs (it was reported that the existing budget of NHS Leeds CCG is £1.4bn), as well as the delivery of statutory duties associated in line with the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

·  It is proposed that the Leeds PBP be a sub-committee of the ICB, with full delegated powers and membership mirroring the ICB with independent members and representatives of partners including NHS, LCC, Public Health, voluntary, community and social enterprise sector (VCSE) and ICB Officers.

·  The key next steps were set out as:

Ø  Recruitment to the Leeds PBP Board and sub-Committees by end of October

Ø  Operating in Shadow Form from November onwards

Ø  Final version, post consultation, fully operational by April 2022


Members discussions included:

·  The importance of establishing strong and effective governance arrangements based on transparency, independent challenge and accountability;

·  Acknowledging that national guidance continues to emerge surrounding the development of ICS arrangements. It was highlighted that a recent document, published on 2nd September 2021 by NHS England and NHS Improvement and Local Government Association (LGA), had provided guidance to support all partner organisations in integrated care systems to collectively define their place-based partnership working.

·  The need for collaboration across the healthcare, public health and social care system, as well as ensuring that the voice of patients and the third sector is also captured.  Linked to this, reference was also made to the valuable role of Local Care Partnerships.

·  An appropriate timeframe to receive a further progress update.  It was suggested that an update be provided in November/December.



(a)  That the contents of the report and presentation, along with Members comments, be noted.

(b)  That a further update is provided to the Scrutiny Board in November/December.


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