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City Plan Engagement

To consider the report of the Head of Locality Partnerships that introduces a verbal update on the development of a City Plan for Leeds in the Inner North East Community Committee Area and to gather input from elected members and residents to feed into the Plan.


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The Head of Locality Partnerships submitted a report that introduced a verbal update on the development of a City Plan for Leeds in the Inner North East Community Committee Area and an opportunity for input from elected members and residents to feed into the Plan.


The following were in attendance for this item:

o  Councillor J Dowson, Deputy Executive Member for the Leader’s Portfolio

o  Mike Eakins, Intelligence and Policy Manager


Councillor Dowson provided some context behind the development of a new City Plan, replacing the Best Council Plan that was launched ten years ago. It was noted that there have been significant changes since the last Plan locally, nationally, and globally. The next steps of the plan were highlighted, in terms focused work with organisations and the consultation process.


The Intelligence and Policy Manager provided members with a presentation that set out key ambitions and drivers which will help shape the new plan, and then sought feedback from Members on their priorities for Leeds and in particular, the Inner North East Community Committee area for the next ten years.


Members discussed priority themes in terms of the biggest issues for the Inner North East Community Committee area. They were relayed as follows:

·  Educational attainment, skills, and good employment. Members acknowledged that poverty is a deterrent for young people not being able to achieve their goals. Members discussed disparities across the city, and it was felt there was a role to play with key partners such as the universities and public sector organisations to ensure good quality, high paid jobs. Members recognised that training and educating young people in the most deprived areas of the city, are a key issue for Leeds and it was important to ensure children are attending school and are receiving the relevant support by working with partners on training and career options.

·  Transport options, cost effectiveness and reliability. Members commented that the plan required measures for people to walk, cycle and use public transport by ensuring fares are cost effective and reliable. Members were of the opinion that Leeds would benefit from a publicly controlled transport system and as a starting point, members emphasised that the focus of the plan in terms of transport should be to address increasing routes to ensure residents can access places of work, education, and health facilities by working on existing infrastructure instead of expanding the system.

·  Addressing health inequalities. Members relayed concerns in terms of statistics regarding the life expectancy gap across wards and emphasised the need to reduce the gap considerably for deprived areas. Members commented on the importance of ensuring homes in the public and private rented sector are up to standard, in order to mitigate health implications faced by children and adults due to housing disrepair.


The Chair suggested that the Localities Officer schedule a session with members, various organisations, the third sector and the public to discuss the plan in more detail, and to understand the inequalities faced by residents of the Inner North East Community Committee area.


RESOLVED – To note the contents of the report, together with members comments.


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