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Waste Management Services - Update on the Refuse Service Review

To consider a report by the Chief Officer, Communities, Housing and Environment which seeks to provide an update on the Waste Management Services - Refuse Service Review for the Outer North East area.



(Report attached)




The Chief Officer, Environmental Services submitted a report which sought to provide an update on the progress with the route review of the Refuse Service and its impact on improving recycling in the city.


The report also included an update on glass and food recycling in Leeds, within the context of the aims and requirements set out in the national Resource and Waste Strategy and associated Environment Act 2021.


Addressing the report, the Chief Officer, Environmental Services informed Members of the agreed objectives and design principles as part of the Refuse Service Review.


Members asked if more could be done to address challenging locations, possibly bringing in different solutions and resources to support collections in these areas.


The Chief Officer, Environmental Services said something different is required in our most challenging locations, the services was currently considering new routes based on new tonnage modelling to get away from “shunting” (Crew switching to an alternative empty vehicle so that route can be completed). It was also reported that a new facility would become operational from May 2022 which may address many existing issues.


Members asked if any of the objectives were likely to be implemented prior to the full review been completed.


Members were informed that it was intended the full review would be completed by October 2022. It was suggested a small number of bespoke solutions may be introduced before completion of the review. The service would however, to continue to invest in extra resources to meet demand in routes with the heaviest presentation. It was also reported that new “hard to access” vehicles would be operational city wide.


Members raised the issue of “missed bins” stressing that bins required emptying on time, within 48 hours of scheduled time was not acceptable and caused accessibility problems with bins remaining on the street. Other local authority areas appeared to cope better with these types of issue.


In responding the Chief Officer, Environmental Services said the service would strive to collect bins on the due day, but some issues were outside the control of the service and with 70,000 bin collections each day, it was inevitable some collections may be missed. In terms of other local authorities, the service would continue to share and receive good practice from other local authorities.


Members sought further clarification about Objective No.13 - A process to identify and target the removal of excessive black bins, was such a scheme likely to be more expensive.


In providing clarification the Chief Officer, Environmental Services said this was not about removing a second black bin, this was aimed at a small number of household with excessive numbers of black bins, 4,5 and 6 bins in some instances.


Members noted the updated leaflet on glass and food recycling in Leeds.


Reference was made to the lack of glass bottle recycling in the Scholes area. Members asked if it would be possible to provide a bottle bank within the village.


The Chief Officer, Environmental Services said such requests were always welcome, but careful consideration had to be given to the proposed location, could the site be accessed by a lorry and were there likely to be any noise/ nuisance implications.


The Chair thanked the Chief Officer, Environmental Services for his attendance and contributions.


RESOLVED – That the contents of the report be noted.









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