Agenda item

PREAPP/21/00338 - Pre-application presentation of proposed multi-storey residential development on land between Westgate and Croppergate, Leeds LS1 4ND

To consider a report by the Chief Planning Officer which sets out details of a Pre-Application Presentation for proposed multi-storey residential development on land between Westgate and Croppergate, Leeds, LS1 4ND


(Report attached)



The Chief Planning Officer submitted a pre-application presentation of proposed multi-storey residential development on land between Westgate and Cropper Gate, Leeds, LS1 4ND


Attending for this item were:

·  Tom Cook

·  Christian Gilham


Members had visited this site earlier in the day. Photographs, Slides and CGI’s were shown throughout the presentation.


Members were provided with the following information:

·  Ridgeback Group is a build to rent company which has multiple schemes across the country which they have delivered and operate.

·  This build to rent scheme is on Wellington Street, it is proposed as a 31storey building with 1,2,3, bed units. The units will be in line with space standards and will be sustainable.

·  The development will be a gateway building to the city which will connect footpaths and cycle routes to other proposed developments on Westgate.

·  The proposal is for 2 access points to the development with sprinklers, cycle storage and bins located on Skinner Street. With apartments on the upper floors. It was noted that no apartments would look out on to Ebor Court.

·  In relation to the design several factors had been taken into consideration including wind tests and massing.

·  This is a contemporary design using materials which are relevant to Leeds. It was proposed that materials would be brick with metallic panels used for the windows.

·  This development proposes 400 units, no car parking spaces to be provided with a landscape design incorporating permeable routes.


Responding to questions from Members the Panel were provided with the following information:

·  Landscaping and network routes would be undertaken in consultation with Highways Officers. It was noted that a legal mechanism would be required to ensure that the public realm was maintained.

·  Sprinkler tanks, bin storage will be located on the ground floor with access from Skinner Street. The principal access to the development would from Cropper Gate.

·  Glazing would be maximised where possible.

·  The developer was in conversation with neighbouring developments in relation to parking for disabled residents.

·  It was noted that the slides showed a large expanse of brick, which would now be replaced with windows

·  Members were invited to view the materials proposed for this scheme which had been brought to the meeting.


Members comments included:

·  This is a good and attractive statement building

·  Safety and security looked good

·  It is surrounded by roads and there is a need for green space for the future residents

·  Some members were of the view that total symmetry would make the building look bland

·  Members agreed that this development should be car free but disabled parking should be considered.

·  The road and public car park at the side of the development should be considered as part of the green amenity space in consultation with Highways plans for the area.


Members were invited to provide feedback on the following questions posed in the submitted report:

1.  Do Members support the proposed scale and form of the development?

Members supported the proposed scale and form of the development. They noted the housing mix proposed but would prefer to see more 3 bed units.

2.  Do Members consider that the emerging approach to landscape and public realm is acceptable?

Members were of the view that it could be better, they were of the view that the design of the building was excellent.

3.  Do Members support the approach to a car free development subject to no adverse impacts on highways being demonstrated?

Members support the approach of a car free development as it was located close to transport links. However, they wished to see provision for disabled parking.



Supporting documents: