Agenda item

Leeds Response to the Ukrainian Crisis

To consider the report of the Director of Communities, Housing and Environment which provides an overview and update on the current situation regarding the Ukrainian crisis, including the work undertaken to date and the implications for the Council.



The Director of Communities, Housing and Environment submitted a report which presented an overview and update on the current situation regarding the Ukrainian crisis, outlined the impact with regard to the city of Leeds and the Council and which provided details of the actions being taken to date across the city in response to the crisis.


In introducing the report, the Executive Member highlighted the key points within it, with details of the key actions being taken to welcome and support those Ukrainians who were arriving in the city being provided. The Board also received information on the two separate settlement schemes in operation, and noted the details provided around the co-ordinated approach which continued to be taken both across the Council and with partner organisations across the city and the region, including the Leeds Branch of the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain.


Further to this, the Board received a comprehensive update covering several areas, including:

-  the latest numbers who had already arrived, or were scheduled to arrive in the city;

-  details of the co-ordinated approach to ensure that appropriate safeguarding checks were being undertaken as part of the settlement schemes’ matching process with sponsors, with checks on sponsors’ accommodation also being undertaken;

-  the range of support and information being provided to those entering the city and their sponsors, initially via the welcome point at Leeds Bradford Airport, but with the Reginald Centre being used as a base for such services;

-  an update in respect of the number of visas which had been issued by the Home Office to date;

-  the work of the cross-Council strategic partnership working group, and the role of the Council across the city, regionally and in liaison with Government;

-  the progress being made by the Leeds Together for Ukraine Appeal.


The Board considered the national position with regard to entry requirements for Ukrainians into the UK, and in response to a Member’s enquiry, the Board received further information regarding the arrangements in place to provide free transport for Ukrainians entering the UK to their point of destination. 


Members welcomed the update provided, acknowledged the fluidity of the situation, emphasised the ‘Team Leeds’ approach that these actions embodied and thanked officers and partner organisations for the collaborative approach being taken to support those Ukrainians coming into Leeds and the region.



(a)  That the contents of the submitted update report, be noted; and that the approach being adopted within the Council’s strategic, co-ordinated and inclusive approach towards migration for Leeds, be endorsed;


(b)  That it be noted that the Director of Communities, Housing and Environment is responsible for leading a collaborative, strategic citywide response;


(c)  That it be noted that the Chief Officer for Safer, Stronger Communities is responsible for leading the cross-Council approach towards providing strategic and operational direction for the city;


(d)  That the continued and evolving partnership response to the Ukrainian crisis, which will respond to further guidance and policy development, as it is received from Government, be supported.


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