Agenda item

Update on the development of the local Integrated Care System

To consider and discuss a report from the Head of Democratic Services which presents an update on the development of the local Integrated Care System.


The Head of Democratic Services submitted a report to provide an update on the development of the local Integrated Care System.


The Chair highlighted that since July last year, the Adults, Health and Active Lifestyles Scrutiny Board has continued to monitor the ongoing development of the new local Integrated Care System.  Board Members were reminded that back in November, the West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership had published the draft constitution of the West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board for consultation and that the Scrutiny Board had used its January meeting to consider and provide feedback on the draft constitution. 


The Chair explained that the main purpose of the meeting was to provide a further update to the Board, including details of changes made to the West Yorkshire ICB constitution in light of the broader consultation feedback.  Appended to the report was a briefing note by the Leeds NHS Clinical Commissioning Group setting out the latest position regarding the draft ICB Constitution and Leeds Place Based Governance arrangements.


The following were in attendance:


·  Cllr Fiona Venner - Executive Member for Adult and Children’s Social Care and Health Partnerships

·  Cllr Salma Arif, Executive Member for Public Health and Active Lifestyles

·  Cath Roff - Director of Adults and Health

·  Victoria Eaton - Director of Public Health

·  Tim Ryley - Chief Executive of NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group

·  Arfan Hussain, Corporate Governance Manager, Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group


The Chief Executive of NHS Leeds CCG gave a brief introduction and particularly highlighted the following:


Ø  The expectation surrounding the Health and Care Bill receiving Royal Assent in the coming days, thereby placing Integrated Care Systems (ICS) onto a statutory footing from 1 July 2022, when Integrated Care Boards will replace CCGs.

Ø  That the latest iteration of the draft West Yorkshire ICB Constitution, as presented within the meeting agenda pack, would be put forward to NHS England for review and comment prior to the final version being approved.

Ø  The main changes to the Constitution document following the consultation process, with particular reference made to strengthening the focus on people and workforce issues by adding a Director of People to the Board and establishing an ICB People Committee.

Ø  The importance of the governance handbook which continues to be in development and is expected to be considered by the West Yorkshire Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee as well as being shared more widely with a view to being finalised by July.

Ø  Details of the revised proposed membership of the West Yorkshire ICB, which will now include a total of 24 representatives, along with an updated position on the recruitment process.

Ø  The role of the Integrated Care Partnership and wider decision-making structures as part of the ICS.

Ø  The current position surrounding the Leeds Place Based arrangements, including confirmation of the appointment of the two Independent Members to the Leeds Committee of the ICB. It was noted that the recruitment of the Independent Chair remained ongoing.


The Executive Member for Adult and Children’s Social Care and Health Partnerships also gave a brief introduction and particularly emphasised the important relationship between the Leeds Committee of the ICB and the Health and Wellbeing Board moving forward.  Reference was also made to the allyship approach being adopted by the Health and Wellbeing Board in terms of senior health and social care leaders working closely with Third Sector organisations.


Members discussions included:


Ø  Future commissioning arrangements for dental services and the importance of undertaking more detailed work to understand how best to take this forward as the responsibility moves from NHS England to local Integrated Care Systems from April 2023.

Ø  The importance of general practice and the commitment towards ensuring that GPs continue to have a voice within local health and care systems.

Ø  An acknowledgement of the positive collaborative relationships already embedded across the local health and care system.


In conclusion, the Chair thanked everyone for their contributions and highlighted that the successor Scrutiny Board would be receiving an updated position in June.



(a)  That the contents of the report, along with Members comments, be noted.

(b)  That a further update is provided to the successor Scrutiny Board in June.


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