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Outer North West Community Committee Finance Update Report

To receive and consider the attached report of the Head of Locality Partnerships.


The report of the Head of Locality Partnerships provided the Community Committee with an update on the budget position for the Wellbeing Fund, Youth Activity Fund, Capital Budget, as well as the Community Infrastructure Levy Budget for 2022/23.


Members were informed of the following points:

·  Members were requested to review the minimum conditions in relation to delegated decisions set out at Paragraph 14 of the submitted report. Members noted the Outer North West Community Committee was the only Community Committee to have the following wording under their minimum conditions at 14(b) ‘however should an Elected Member not agree with a matter for delegated decision than this should be deferred to the next meeting of the Community Committee’. Members were of the view that this should remain for the next six months and be monitored to see how many times this was required for delegated decisions.

·  The Executive Board had approved £74,600 for the Wellbeing Fund 2022/23. Table 1 showed a carry forward figure of £14,541.87 bringing the total revenue for 2022/23 to £116,051.87. A full breakdown of projects was listed in Table 1 and there was a remaining balance of £75,333.09

·  Members were requested to consider the following projects in Paragraphs 20– 28 of the report.






Small Grants and Skips

LCC Communities Team

£6,000 (£1,500 per ward)

All Wards


Community Engagement Budget

LCC Communities Team

£500 (£125 per ward)

All Wards


Coppice Wood Post and Rail Replacement

Housing Leeds


Guiseley and Rawdon

Deferred -  for consultation with ward members

Micklefield Park Cycle Track

LCC Parks and Countryside

£27,716.61(CIL Budget)

Guiseley and Rawdon


Upgrades to Greenacre Hall (Roofing)

Greenacre Hall Association


Guiseley and Rawdon


Otley and Yeadon CCTV for 2022/23



Otley and Yeadon


Horsforth CCTV for 2022/23






·  It was noted that at the meeting in March 2022, the Community Committee had awarded £4,500 to Public Access Defibrillators UK to install defibrillators in Guiseley and Rawdon Ward. However, since that meeting the Members were advised that the applicant had declined the funding. It was now proposed that the Communities Team would commission this project internally.

·  Also, at the meeting in March 2022, Members considered 2 projects in principle:

o  £7,917.60 for the 2022/23 Site Based Gardener project for Guiseley and Rawdon Ward. – It was noted that a meeting was to be arranged with Parks and Countryside to discuss this project.

o  £12,000 for new lighting at Guiseley Theatre CIC – It was noted that Guiseley and Rawdon Ward Members were due to meet with Guiseley Theatre CIC on 7th July.

·   Members were asked to note the projects listed at Paragraph 29 of the report, which had been considered and approved by delegated decision since the March meeting. It was noted that no projects had been declined since the last meeting.

·  The Committee were asked to note the Youth Activity Fund had a remaining balance of £54,452.24.

·  Table 3 showed the Small Grants and skips allocation broken down by ward.

·  Table 4 showed that the Committee had £40,308 available to spend in the Capital Budget, as a result of new capital injections.

·  The Committee were asked to note that there is £252,022.97 total payable to the Outer North West Community Committee with 213,829.97 currently available to spend. A summary of the spend and breakdown per ward was shown in Table 5 of the report. It was noted that CIL money for Horsforth goes directly to Horsforth Town Council.


At the meeting in March 2022, Members had discussed the possibility of funding a Parking Officer to cover the 3 Wards. Cllr Anderson had met with officers and been advised that a Parking Officer would cost £28,000 per annum, a cost of £6,500 per ward. This officer would cover all four wards.


Members discussed the issues that each ward has with parking, and it was decided that this issue would be discussed further at the next Transport Sub-Group.



a)  Details of the Wellbeing Budget Position (Table 1) be noted

b)  Wellbeing proposals be considered with the outcome details set out as above (paragraphs 20-28)

c)  Details of the projects approved via Delegated Decision (Paragraph 29) be noted.

d)  Monitoring information of it funded projects (Paragraph 34) be noted.

e)  Details of Youth Activity Fund (YAF) position (Table 2) be noted.

f)  Details of the Small Grants and skips Budget (Table 3) be noted.

g)  Details of the Capital Budget (Table 4) be noted.

h)  Details of the Community Infrastructure Levy Budget (Table 5) be noted. 


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