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Highways & Transportation – Stanningley Bottom Review

To consider the report of the Chief Officer Highways and Transportation presenting details on the future layout and operation of the Stanningley Bottom scheme and what funding options may be available to contribute to requested maintenance and/or traffic improvements.


The Chief Officer Highways and Transportation submitted a report in relation to the road junction and layout at Stanningley Bottom.


The submitted report asked the Community Committee to note the current Highways and Transportation position regarding the highway at Stanningley Bottom and for their consideration to the future layout and operation of the Stanningley Bottom scheme and what funding options may be available to contribute to requested maintenance and /or improvements.


The Community Committee were provided with the following information:

·  CityConnect projects have been introduced across Leeds, aiming to provide segregated cycle and pedestrian infrastructure along key routes. The Leeds to Bradford cycle superhighway which runs along Bradford Road, Stanningley Road and Armley Road was the first scheme in Leeds.

·  At Stanningley Bottom there was insufficient space to provide cycle tracks, so a project was developed which introduced changes to the road environment including coloured materials and changes in kerblines. This project also includes two un-marked ‘roundel’ junctions and two zebra crossings.

·  It was noted that this scheme has successfully reduced traffic speeds and queues on the approaches to Stanningley Bottom.

·  In 2018 an enhancement scheme was undertaken to provide greater contrast between surface textures. It was noted that this has been successful in improving driver behaviour and understanding. However, there has been some deterioration of the surface and responsive repairs have been undertaken.

·  It was acknowledged that there have been concerns raised regarding road safety at the unmarked junctions, although the recorded injury data indicates that the junction is performing well. It was noted that there are ongoing requests for mini-roundabout markings to be provided although as most motorists use the junction safely these were not thought to be necessary.


Options had been provided for Member’s consideration which included:

·  Reactive maintenance of existing layout

·  Full resurfacing of the carriageway at Stanningley Bottom

·  Full resurfacing plus additional road markings and crossing enhancements


Member’s discussions included:

·  Members were supportive of the proposals with their preference noted as Option 3. However, they were of the view that a more sizable contribution should come from the Outer West Community Committee as most commuters using this route would come from the Outer West area.

·  Members acknowledged that only approximate costs could be provided at this time, until the preferred scheme was known and the materials to be used. It was noted that budgets for Road maintenance and road safety could not be mixed.

·  Members requested maps to show the location of the junction and the boundaries of the Outer West and Inner West areas.

·  Members requested that materials be sourced that would provide durability at this busy junction.

·  Members requested that the cycle route on this stretch of road be looked at as it was noted that the cycle lane lost continuity on the stretch of road close to the shopping centre. It was also suggested that the ‘Roundells’ be replaced as they were not good for cyclists.

·  Members were of the view that in general the scheme had proved to be successful in reducing traffic speed and incidents at the junction.

·  Members requested that they be kept updated on this matter.


RESOLVED -   To note the content of the report and the Committee’s preference for Option 3.



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