Agenda item

Maternal Health Provision in Leeds

To consider a report from the Head of Democratic Services introducing a range of information in relation to maternal health and associated service provision in Leeds.



The Head of Democratic Services submitted a report that introduced a range of information in relation to maternal health and associated service provision in Leeds.


The following were in attendance to present the information and contribute to the Board’s discussion:


·  Cllr Salma Arif - Executive Member for Public Health and Active Lifestyles

·  Claire Goodman (General Manager, Women’s Clinical Service Unit, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust)

·  Dr. Tom Everett (Lead Clinician, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust)

·  Emily Griffiths (Associate Director of Pathway Integration, Integrated Care Board)

·  Liz Wigley (Senior Pathway Integration Manager (Children and Families team), Integrated Care Board)


Apologies were received on behalf of Rebecca Musgrave (Head of Midwifery, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust) who was unable to attend due to service issues.


The Associate Director of Pathway Integration ICB and Senior Pathway Integration Manger ICB introduced the update, which provided:


·  An update on the Leeds Maternity Strategy work;

·  The current position of the Leeds Fertility IVF service; and,

·  The implications of the Ockenden Review findings and how any recommendations are being taken forward across the local maternity system in Leeds.


The update on the Leeds Maternity Strategy work focused on a ‘life journey’ approach and a plan to join maternity service provision with other health and care services – with the offering assistance outside of hospital, such as use of libraries and community hubs for advice on maternity services. 


The Board was advised there was a focus on the following priority actions:

·  New perinatal surveillance,

·  Robust care pathways,

·  Staff training,

·  Management of complex pregnancies,

·  Risk assessments,

·  The care of newborn babies, and,

·  Involvement with maternity care partnership.


Members were also updated on the reconfiguration of maternity services and centralisation to Leeds General Infirmary (LGI).


The General Manager for Women’s Clinical Service and Lead Clinician provided a general update regarding the Fertility Clinic, including:


·  A procurement process to partner with the Trust in order to manage, deliver and enhance fertility clinic services commenced in May 2021.

·  The procurement process had been focused on improving the overall patient experience and delivering high quality care and services.

·  In February 2022, Care Fertility had been awarded the contract and the Fertility Clinic staff had been transferred across – via a TUPE process. 

·  Confirmation that across Yorkshire and the Humber, providers are currently commissioned to provide eligible women one cycle of NHS funded fertility treatment. 

·  Since the new service commenced, patient experience had been rated excellent. Some backlogs in service provision had initially been noted but the issues had now been resolved.


Board members were also provided with details of the Trust’s response to the Ockenden Review findings and recommendations.   


Board members raised and discussed several relevant areas, including:


·  The availability and timeliness of support to mothers experiencing miscarriage – and specifically re-occurring miscarriage.

·  The need for ongoing assurance regarding the quality of the new fertility services.

·  The promotion of breast feeding and the provision of infant feeding support for new mothers and their family.

·  Engaging different communities to build and enhance trust and confidence in the services provided, including opportunities to identify specific priorities associated with the provision of maternity services in different communities.

·  The provision of neonatal services as part of the reconfiguration of maternity services in Leeds; and the implications for neonatal transport services.




To note the details presented in this report, the associated appendices and matters discussed at the meeting. 


Supporting documents: