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Temporary event notice for Premier Banqueting Premier Banqueting, Stoney Rock Lane, Burmantofts, Leeds, LS9 7TZ

To consider the report of the Chief Officer Elections and Regulatory seeking consideration of a Temporary Event Notice and objection notice received from Leeds City Council Environmental Protection Team in respect of Premier Banqueting Premier Banqueting, Stoney Rock Lane, Burmantofts, Leeds, LS9 7TZ



The report of the Chief Officer, Elections and Regulatory presented an objection notice from LCC Environmental Protection Team to a Temporary Event Notice that had been submitted on behalf of Premier Banqueting, Stoney Rock Lane, Burmantofts, Leeds, LS9 7TZ.  The objection notice had been submitted on the grounds of the prevention of public nuisance licensing objectives.


The following were in attendance:

Ms Elizabeth Hebbert – LCC Environmental Protection Team

Mr Alexandru Florin Petrechiuta – the premises user

Mr Florin Marius Bron – the premises user’s representative.


Prior to the hearing the Sub Committee had received a supplementary pack of information submitted by the premises user containing a receipt detailing the arrangements for the proposed event.


At the hearing, despite best efforts, it was noted that the Sub Committee was made up of two Members, rather than three. All parties to the hearing agreed to proceed with two Members.


The Legal Officer outlined the procedure to be followed and the Entertainment Licensing Officer outlined the application which sought the provision of Late Night Refreshment from 23:00 hours on Sunday 16th October 2022 to 05:00 hours on Monday 17th October 2022.


The Sub Committee heard from Mr Bron on behalf of the premises user who explained the reason for the application was so Mr Petrechiuta and his family could celebrate his child’s baptism until 05:00 hours. After the request had been submitted, the owner of Premier Banqueting notified Mr Petrechiuta that a complaint had been received regarding noise at the premises and that the doors could be closed to new attendees at 23:00 hours to avoid disturbing the neighbours. Subsequently Mr Petrechiuta spoke to the owner seeking to amend his request to 02:00 or 01:00 hours, as he did not wish to annoy the neighbouring residents and that amendment was repeated for the Sub Committee to consider.


The Sub Committee then moved to ask questions of the premises user and received the following information:

·  The 05:00 terminal hour was sought to accommodate a traditional Romanian baptism where the baptism celebrations are held all night. The family meet together, bake for the celebrations through the day, eat in the evening and then hold the baptism at Midnight, followed by further celebrations.

·  In view of the noise issues now reported to Petrechiuta, he offered to amend the application to request 01:00 as the terminal hour.
80 to 100 attendees were expected.


The Sub Committee heard from Ms E Hebbert LCC EPT who provided an overview of the complaints received over the previous decade relating to Premier Banqueting emanating from its operation as an events venue. Complaints had been received in May, June, July, August and into September 2022 over issues of noise during events, and noise as patrons leave the venue and cars revving in the car park.


A Noise Abatement Notice had been served on 27th July 2022 to prohibit noise from music and amplified sound. Ms Hebbert stated that the most effective way to address the noise issues was not to hold late night events there. The management of Premier Banqueting were aware of the Team’s objection to events being held past 23:00 hours and they had been receptive to working with the Team. Ms Hebbert noted the amended terminal hour now proposed for the event but reiterated that local residents would be asleep at 1:00 or 02:00 hours and this event would attract up to 100 attendees which could cause the same disturbance to residents at 01:00 hours as would be caused at 05:00 hours. Furthermore, the late night refreshment offer will encourage people to stay late, even though there would be no music. In conclusion Ms Hebbert stated the Team appreciated the cultural aspect of this event, however in the circumstances the event could be held at another venue.


In response, Mr Bron stated the event could not be moved from Premier Banqueting as the premises user had already paid the fee for the hire of the venue.


The Licensing Sub-Committee carefully considered the report of the Chief Officer (Elections and Regulatory), the Statement of Licensing Policy and the representations made at the hearing.

RESOLVED – That a counter notice be issued in respect of the proposed event.


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