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Waste Services Update

To receive and consider the attached report of the Chief Officer (Environmental Services) introducing a verbal update on the draft Leeds Waste Strategy.



The report of the Chief Officer (Environmental Services) presented a report that introduced a verbal update on the draft Leeds Waste Strategy.


Following the meeting, supplementary information was published online and distributed to members at the meeting.


The Chief Officer (Environmental Services) attended the meeting and provided the Committee with an update on current local service performance and provided an opportunity for Members to feedback on the existing issues/challenges faced in how kerbside collections are delivered and enable a discussion on local solutions. The following information was highlighted:

·  Implication of requirements set out in the Environment Act (2021).

·  An overview on DEFRA’s proposals for a national Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme for packaging (including glass) and a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS).

·  Baseline work undertaken in Leeds to understand the current household waste composition, in particular recycling material and glass that is being put in the black bin.

·  Development of a Leeds carbon impact model covering waste collection, disposal and recycling services provided by Leeds City Council.

·  What the proposals mean for kerbside collection in Leeds in the short, medium, and long term.

·  Missed collection rates by Inner North East Community Committee areas.

·  The intention to work with Community Committees on a local level and review Community Committee boundaries in terms of route planning to provide more meaningful data.


Committee members discussed the following matters:

·  Separate glass collections. Issues associated with residents having little / no garden space, and those who live in back to back properties. It was confirmed that if this was offered in Leeds, a separate bin collection and the option to have a bin for glass, would be optional and there will be ‘exception’ areas. It was confirmed that a trial for glass collection hasn’t started but is anticipated to be trialled across 4 wards in Leeds and communications with residents during the trial will be important. Further to concerns regarding noise, it was confirmed collections will not be before 9 a.m. and will take place once per month.

·  A conflict with the DRS and the current service delivery model. It was confirmed that it is difficult to forecast whether tonnages will increase or decrease as a result of the DRS scheme and there is a possibility of Local Authorities being compensated from financial implications following Government’s proposals.

·  Cash competition incentives for people to recycle and communications around the option to be given a second green bin. It was acknowledged that there is a role to play for the Cleaner Neighbourhoods Team (CNT) in terms of recycling responsibilities and crews identifying whether an individual household requires a larger bin.

·  Clarity on ‘dense’ plastics.

·  Benefits associated with options for food and garden waste in terms of co-mingling and separate collections. It was acknowledged that in terms of both options, it will need to be affordable and technically feasible for residents.

·  Predicted cost savings with alternate weekly black and green bin collections.


RESOLVED – To note the contents of the report, and information provided on the draft Leeds Waste Strategy.


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